Drawings and propensity for violence

«Beats - means love" - ​​this formula is satisfied by no means all women.Many of the other way around in the early acquaintance with the young man wanted to know if he is prone to violence or not.It is useful to know these things in relation to acquaintances, including - same sex.To solve this problem, we will help the science of interpreting the figures.

People will often mindlessly draw doodles on paper tucked, but at the very least there are enough ways to convince a person to draw something.

degree of aggressiveness expressed amount, location and nature of the sharp corners in the picture, regardless of their relationship to a particular part of the image.

For example, the circuit pattern is interpreted as a relationship with the outside world, the people around them.The upper loop is associated with superior people really have the ability to impose prohibitions and restrictions.Bottom contour associated with subordinate or dependent.Side contours indicate undefined danger and readiness to defend any order and in any situation.Sharp corners on the circuit figures speak of an aggressive defense, the corresponding contour value noted above.

Speaking of readiness for an obscure threat testify security features (such as weapons), not located on a path, and inside it on the body.

If the animal is drawn, its appearance and the immediate impression of the figure is very important to distinguish between direct and defensive aggression.In appearance it can judge whether it is drawn scary, evil or not at all scary, innocuous;intimidates or cold kills it;attacks and eats or frightening.

any obvious accessories attacks, drawn, but not declared as such - it is a manifestation of aggression, and it is their own and not defensive aggression.
But for fear of aggression is very characteristic of the huge size of the animal.Sam pattern may be small, but the story about it the author can tell the size of the picture.

Fear aggression can also occur in an emphatically expressive aggression animal images.In this case, the author is not identified with a painted animals, and with the danger, the fear.

mouth with teeth - a symbol of verbal aggression, usually protective.

also signs of protection and aggression are all sorts of covers (scales, combs, armor) or horn.

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