Like snapping his fingers, and whether it is harmful?

People - creatures that exhibit different habits.The latter may be common or strange, and not very harmful.Smoking, for example, can be attributed to uniquely addictions.But the habit is so familiar to many as snapping your fingers?It is very common.Surely you or someone you know loves to do it.As it turned out, despite the harmless, this behavior may result in a not very pleasant consequences.And the question here is not about the surrounding people that it can just get on your nerves.

How is clicked

Of course, not every case is dangerous for health.First, we should define what we mean by describing such habits as snapping your fingers.There may be two options.First, a harmless, refers to the rhythmic clicks to the beat of music you like.The characteristic sound is achieved by hitting the middle finger and palm.But more on that below.But the most dangerous is addicted to click, or rather even the knuckles crunch.It occurs due to sudden movement of these joints.

fact that within each cartilage which surrounds the articular surface is a special grease.In medicine, it is called the synovial fluid.The chemical composition of a lubricant is diverse, and that she must fully nourish the cells surrounding the cartilage itself.It is also one of its functions is to enrich the surrounding tissues of oxygen.Therefore, in the synovial fluid of dissolved nitrogen, oxygen and carbon dioxide.

Ta capsule, in which it is located, is able to be flexible only up to a certain threshold.When our joints have a strong impact (e.g., when lifting heavy weight) dissolved in Lubricant gases escape from the solution.This increases its volume, and therefore the mobility of the joint.Quickly restore its chemical composition of synovial fluid can not: it takes time until the gases again dissolved in it.This explains the inability to make too many clicks.

harmful to snap your fingers and knuckles

Scientists have conducted several studies on the subject.Some still hold a neutral opinion on the matter.But the majority still recognize a potential health hazard.In addition, it was found that the frequent repetition of actions such as clicking your fingers and knuckles crunch, increases the risk of acute arthritis.In less gloomy forecasts abuse habit leads to swelling of the hands and reduce power compression.

How to learn to snap your fingers

It goes about how long-suffering joints crunch, because of the danger of such an action.Here we talk about something else - namely, by knocking out rhythm clicks.This is a relatively safe operation if you do not repeat it constantly.But in this case, the greatest danger is rather irritated people around, rather than the health of amateur flip.However, indirectly the habit can also affect health.If you know what I mean.

So, to achieve the desired sound add up thumb and middle finger.Rub them together to understand how it all works.When you click, we need to compress them stronger and dramatically lead the thumbs up, and the average, respectively, down.In this case it is important to know that the sound is emitted mostly by hitting the pads of the middle finger of the hand.The most convenient way is, if this pinky and ring will remain pressed against the same.Hands, until you learn how to click your fingers must be dry.Otherwise, nothing happens.

That's all.Maybe the first time and do not get loud enough sound.But the skill comes with experience, and after a little practice this skill will improve.Do not worry, soon you will be able to flip the beat of your favorite tunes!