Why do people cry?

ordinary man, if he is not a biologist by profession, is unlikely to seriously pondered the question: where are the tears?Why do people cry out in pain, grief, resentment, or anger?Why women cry more often and longer than men, and how to explain this fact in terms of physiology and psychology?

Let's start from the beginning.The lacrimal glands are not only animals, but even birds.But the man - the only creature in nature, for which the weeping - not a simple reflex process, but also the expression of emotions.

on the issue, what tears at various times thought not only scientists but also philosophers.

Here is the question: why people cry, said the Alter Rebbe, the founder of the teachings of Chabad: "The bad news causes compression of the brain, followed by the release of liquid. The good news effect the opposite. The blood supply to the brain is improved. In the body, there is a surge of energy".According to the religious philosopher, human tears - it is nothing like the cerebrospinal fluid.Modern science does not dispute this claim, but not confirmed.Although today it is known already that the work of the lacrimal glands, and all the other processes in the body, there is under the direction of the brain.

American biochemist William Frey, a few years of his life to finding the answer to the question: why do people cry?He put forward his own hypothesis that during stress tears removed from the body of toxic substances.This theory is not completely proven, and scientists continue to research and development.However, all this has to do with human physiology.But what about our emotions?Are tears a beneficial effect on our soul, soothe and alleviate suffering?It is useful to whether to cry in a difficult situation or a need to restrain emotions?

Israeli scientist biologist Oren Hasson, exploring the behavioral responses of the individual in the group, suggested that tears people indicates its vulnerability and weakness.It should be noted that a similar reaction from childhood, as a child crying attracted the attention of the adults by giving them to understand that experiencing physical or psychological discomfort.

According to the scientist, the tears - a protective reaction of the human psyche to the aggressive behavior of others, and also a good way to bring the location currently at an intuitive level.Perhaps this is because any one of us is genetically laid reactions to a child crying.Sobbing adult seems to us a toddler who needs help.The biologist offered his own theory of the use of tears to build personal relationships.

"Do not cry son, you're a man ..."

Women cry more often than the stronger sex.It is well known fact.This is largely the result of education.The boy from an early age instill the idea that a real man never cries.Rapid display of emotion - it is the prerogative gentle ladies, and consider Man at best sloppy, if not unbalanced hysteric.However, psychologists argue that giving vent to his emotions must be at least occasionally.This saves a lot of trouble.Doctors have even found that longer life ladies are indebted to his ability to mourn the trouble and time to throw it out of my head.

However, in the women's whining is guilty not only emotionally but also hormones.Every woman is familiar condition called in the language of physicians "premenstrual syndrome"."I get angry over nothing, always want to cry, the body swells ..." - these words describe about his condition during these days of the fair sex.The reason for this condition, many doctors believe the imbalance of the hormones estrogen and progesterone.Something similar experience and women in menopausal and post-menopausal.

Tears of joy and pity

From birth to death, man cries an average of 250 million times.Agree, an impressive figure.And we are well aware that the reason for the tears - not always sad.Remember, unless you do not have to wipe the moisture from his eyes, who spoke during a Homeric laughter?

Why do people cry with laughter?The reason is simple and banal: the facial muscles to stimulate the gland, located in the inner corner of the eye and under their influence the tears begin to flow.

reasons for tears may be many, it is not necessarily evil and trouble.All we had to cry with emotion, looking at the kids going to school.On the future of actors acting class taught to squeeze out a tear, because authentically portray emotions - it's part of the profession.So, teachers are advised to start feeling sorry for yourself, and after a few minutes the tears gush from his eyes.Here such guileless science.