Manicure combined - the choice of modern woman

Before visiting the beauty salon to perform a manicure, you need to know what technology of its implementation exist today, to know exactly what the result would be desirable to obtain.Having read the popular articles on the topic of manicure and techniques of its implementation, as well as become acquainted with the results of the photos, you can decide what it is that I want to get eventually.There are several types of procedures, and one of today's popular techniques is combined manicure.

Combined manicure - technique of nail in which combined several procedures.At the same time the main advantage of this approach is the possibility of individual choice of the necessary procedures for each client.Manicure combined perform the following steps.

Manicure combined - preparation

Training nail to such treatment in any way similar to nail care.First, you need to thoroughly wash and dry your hands.Then you need to remove remnants of the old nail polish using nail polish remover.It will be best to use compounds that do not include acetone, searing surface of the nail plate.Next, do the bath to strengthen nails, of which it is important to add herbal extracts, essential oils and mineral supplements that can help make the skin around the nails softer and more accessible for further processing.

Care nails and cuticles

next step is to remove the dead skin layers of the skin that can be done using special tools, and then bring the result to the ideal fluid for edging manicure.Formed then okolonogtevogo well and giving it an oval shape, you can start shaping of nails.If the nails are weakened greatly, to be used over soft tools.At this stage, it can also be used hardware technique of manicure.If you allow the condition of the skin, removal of keratinized residues is done using a special apparatus for manicure.Do not forget that the combined hardware manicure should be carried out only by a qualified technician in order to avoid injury to the nail.Therefore, if there is no confidence in the qualifications of the expert, it is necessary to use other types of nail care.

Care nail plate

He is polishing the surface of the nail, while observing precautions.Thin nails polish soft side polishing sawing, more stringent, and the rough can be aligned using the more rigid side.You can not damage the nail or thin the it.It is also possible to use special machines for a manicure, but only if the state of the nails and skin have no contraindications for that.Once all three preparatory phase completed, you can go directly to the design of nails, pre-clean the hands and covering the nails and skin around them liquid vitamin and nutritional little massage for better absorption.

Making nails

Once nails passed all of the above procedures, you can start coloring.As a rule, from the variety of designs often choose French manicure, since this type of nail design fits most cases, both in everyday life and for the parties.But if you want to make a beautiful manicure for the evening, you can choose one of the common types of design: English (two-color staining technique), Chinese (two-tone coating followed by the application of a pattern), Spanish (in this case the nails are covered matt varnish with rich deep shade).In any case, before applying the lacquer on the nails need to agree on all the details of the work.

How to choose the right procedure

Masters, manicure, often make pictures of the results of the work for which the customer can choose the most appropriate style of nails.So, coming to the salon to make a manicure combined, photo nails, which are obtained as a result of the work can be viewed prior to the procedure to clear the master knew what he needed to achieve results.

doing manicure, a combined method of its implementation to date, the majority of clients select salons.It's safe to say that such a manicure - the choice of a modern woman.But above all, any of the selected techniques must comply with the main requirement - do not harm the nails.By choosing for the next procedure, a certain kind of nail care should be guided by the advice and recommendations of the experts, as only they can properly assess the condition of nails and recommend the necessary steps to ensure that hand looked gorgeous.