Criteria for evaluating the performance of educators.

prevailing in the national education system today is at a difficult stage of its development.That in general it is not surprising, since in today's globalized world, any social institution is transformed in some way, trying to adapt to the new conditions of existence.

requirements, which today brings to the formation of society, not allow him to ignore the processes occurring both within the State and at the international level.All of this leads to the need to identify the main criteria for evaluation of the people involved in the realization of one of the major social issues - education.

who commended the work of the teacher and what does it do

task, which will be discussed, it is difficult and very responsible.It demands special attention because the criteria for evaluating the effectiveness of education workers is not easy to determine, given the nature of the form of their work.

this question today, a considerable number of publications devoted to the scientific and journalistic nature, as well as a number of legal acts.

These include documents of different levels:

  • laws that define the general direction of development in this field;
  • solutions Committee on Education, regulating the activities of all levels, included in this process;
  • state standards;Here specify requirements relating to the structure, volume, conditions of implementation and development of the next-level documents;
  • programs that are developed on the basis of previous papers by the educational institutions;
  • position;there has clearly stated requirements and criteria for evaluating the performance of workers of education specific educational organization.

As you can see, the process of determining the qualitative work of the teacher, the teacher draws an entire system of government bodies.Naturally, there is also involved themselves educational organizations.

The aim of this process is the opportunity to assess the quality of teaching, influence it and on the basis of the cost to motivate workers in this sector.Although, it should be noted that today the whole system is still far from perfect.

How is the assessment system

Every self-respecting teacher, as a rule, have their own ideas about how to implement the learning process.It is clear that at a certain stage of activity it generates its own methods, methods of teaching, which generally can be viewed as educational technology.The effectiveness of the implementation of the latter depends on the generated system that will display the relationship between features of these technologies and indicators to assess their performance.She has to go through an experimental test teaching staff, which will reveal its shortcomings and enable them to adjust.

What is included in

It should include the main criteria for evaluating the performance of educators.It is clear that each institution they own, but there are some of the most common, in which all others are formed.So here include:

  • dynamics of individual achievements in the educational process, the degree of development of the pupils of a particular objective of the program;
  • possibility and extent of involvement of students in research and extracurricular activities, including various competitions, contests, competitions, etc. Etc .;
  • results of methodical work of the teacher and his part in writing programs;
  • of innovation, scientific research and the availability of its documentary evidence;
  • degree of participation in a variety of additional projects of social, health, educational nature excursion programs, and so on. Etc .;
  • work with difficult students, including psychological and various innovative forms of activity;
  • degree of involvement in a variety of educational projects implemented team;
  • implementation of activities that allow you to communicate with the parents of pupils, their level, the frequency of and feedback;
  • participated in the design of components of educational infrastructure: classrooms, special classrooms, workshops, laboratories, museums, and so on. Etc .;
  • presentation features of its educational activities and effectiveness of its organization: the presence of certificates, diplomas, participation in professional competitions, and so on. D.

As can be seen from the above list, the criteria for evaluating the performance of workers of education are not limited to only teaching methods and educational workbut also concern the various spheres of its activity.

Difficulties estimating

It is clear that in general The given criteria for a set upper limit.Unfortunately, they can not always display all aspects and features of the teaching profession.To obtain an accurate assessment is necessary to make it as an integral component corresponded to a number of factors, among which is the following: objectivity, flexibility, timeliness, reliability, accuracy and flexibility.

But definitely we can say that the main task of every teacher is an active work on and continuous improvement of their skills.This purpose is served by special organizations whose activities are aimed at improving the skills of educators.

Where can learn from teachers

Given that school teachers, university professors and other actors entrusted with such an important and difficult task, as the training and education of the younger generation, then the level of their own education must alwaysbe on the ball.As a rule, every five years the teacher or the teacher should improve their skills, and helps him in the Institute of Professional Education.

Such organizations also implement a training process that has its own characteristics.

first - it is certainly something that the experts here should be high.It invited the best representatives of the education sector, which already has a lot to share the psychologists practitioners, programmers, lawyers, and so on. D.

second - the duration of training.It is usually of short duration and may be 36, 72 or 108 hours.

third - is that after the training institute of improvement of professional skill of educators can continue cooperation with teachers, offering a variety of platforms for internship programs, targeted projects and other forms of so-called educational products.

How is the level of qualification of teachers

From the above criteria, which define the framework in the characterization of the teacher should move on to more specific indicators.Today in Russian schools applied this evaluation professional educator as certification.It allows you to set the level of skill and is done once every five years.There are two forms of certification:

  • voluntary, allowing to raise their category and the level of pay;
  • mandatory, determines that the teacher his position.

In the first case, the result of successful completion of the certification is to assign the appropriate categories: the first or higher.Form passage is regulated on the basis of certification rules.However, it can include a variety of creative elements, which are determined by conducting the event committee.

second type - mandatory certification is a confirmation of competence of the teacher.The shape of it, as a rule, include tests for certification of teachers.Based on these results a decision on the conformity of the teacher position.

sometimes confused certification of educators in schools and universities, speaking about the categories of teachers who are not formally exist.This kind of qualification is possible only with regard to teachers.

rating system evaluating teachers

used as a supplement to the above.In this case, the assessment of the teacher formed a rating.It is made on the basis of continuous diagnostic performance of the teacher.At the end of each reporting period, it calculates rankings based on a number of indicators.

criteria included in the rating

They relate to various aspects of the activities of the teacher and characterize:

  • results of academic work;
  • presence and form of teaching materials;
  • different types and forms of social work;
  • observance of labor discipline;
  • accuracy in record keeping;
  • classroom management and forms of extracurricular activities;
  • compliance with safety regulations in the health and life of students.

at the discretion of the school teaching staff can make their own adjustments to the list, based on the real situation.

main objective of the rating is to increase motivation of teachers to further self-development.

Features evaluation of university professors

Here, too, there are different criteria and forms.They allow you to get an idea about the features of evaluation of participants in the educational process, such as university professors.

modernization also affected this area.A striking example of this - the introduction of a rating system of assessment that includes indicators characterizing the activity of the teacher.In general, they are formed on the same principle as for school teachers, but more emphasis is placed on research work.

traditional qualification system in higher education

situation was for a long time and it allows you to determine the rank of scientific and pedagogical personnel.This system includes academic degree.

Regarding the first indicator, there are distinguished PhDs.Degree is awarded on the basis of an appropriate teacher writing scientific work (dissertation) and defend it at a meeting of the special council.It can take place at a university, research institute or any other organization.PhD may be awarded only if the candidate already have.

second measure teacher qualifications - academic rank.Since 2013, two of them: associate professor and professor.In the past academic status could be assigned to the department or specialty.This was done on the basis of the place of work.When it came to the university, it awarded the title of associate professor or professor in the department when we talk about the Research Institute, the assignment went on a specialty.Today, this rule abolished the Higher Attestation Commission.Now scientists rank assigned without reference to the department or specialty.

Who is a professional teacher

Today you can meet such a phrase.What are we talking about?In particular
formal field training of teachers or teacher certification is a category is not found.As a rule, it could be any of the professional culture of the teacher, or as of any other qualities that characterize it at this point.
Most often this characteristic is given in the case when it concerns learning any one subject or skill, such as English language, physics or mathematics.Sometimes you can find offering services to professional dance teacher, or music.