How to download music from a contact?

How to download music from can do this in several ways .However, you need to know about them because social network lets you listen to a lot of music tracks, but open to a direct download link does not.

However, there are options to upload the music itself in the computer.This, basically, is not difficult.You can do this by using the undocumented settings that use special programs and scripts.All these methods are completely legal, so you can use them safely.Using scripts and code can not only download but also to learn how to put music to the site.

music network database contains a huge number of laid out music that I would like to download yourself.On the Internet you can find hundreds of offers to tell you how to download music from the contact.However, many of them are outspoken tricks to get users' passwords by email or page on the site.Fortunately, there are proven methods that are safe and do not carry a similar risk.

How to download music from a contact using the code?

You will need a computer, Internet access and a desire to understand.Nothing more is needed.

download via JS java script

It's the easiest way.First you need to go to the page with the song you want to download.Then, in the browser you want to insert JS code.javascript: (function () {var s = document.createElement ('script'); s.src = 'http: //'; s.type = 'text / javascript'; document.getElementsByTagName ('head') [0] .appendChild (s);}) ();

He's harmless.Once the code is inserted, you need to press "Enter".To start downloading, press "Play".Just instead of the song will be a link (download) to download the file.

Simply click on "Download".Immediately begin the normal process of downloading.Done.

downloaded files into a temporary folder.For different folder browser will be different.

For Internet Explorer this will:

C: / Documents and Settings / user / Local Settings / Temporary Internet Files /

Opera - this folder is:

C: / Documents and Settings / user / Local Settings / Application Data/ Opera / Opera / profile / cache4 /

FireFox - folder is:

C: / Documents and Settings / Admin / Local Settings / Application Data / Mozilla / Firefox / Profiles / default / Cache

Go into this folder.Then, click "View - Table" and adjust the sort files by date, so that the last injection proved to be top of the table (so convenient).Find the "fat" files, this will be our music.Put to music extension * .mp3.Move to the desired folder.Now you can listen to music as you want, from your computer.You can still crank out just such a simple operation as to record the music on the disc, so as not to clutter up the space on your computer.

How to download music from the contact using the program?

Download music with social networking, you can use the program VKSaver. This work program, which can be downloaded from the same contact.

First you need to go to your own website program the page, locate the message "Use VKSaver`om and be happy."Click on the word "VKSaver`om" to go to the next page.Find the button that says "Download Now Windows XP (1.1.3, 64.5KB)" and click on it.

download window opens, click "Save", specifying the path where you want to put the program on your computer.After saving, close the browser.Run the program.In the window of the license agreement, click "I Agree".Then, specify the installation location of the program (either by default set to drive C), press "Install".

again, open your browser, go to a page where you want to download the track.Under the "Play" button to see the button "SAVE".By clicking on it, you go to the page where you can download the track.To do this, click "Download".Done!

There are other programs with which to download music from the contact.

V music

very handy program that can not only download music, but also to look for it on the song title, artist, or even her album title.

Catch in contact

This program can download music and video (clips) from the site.With it, you can download absolutely any pages of the site: from sections of audio, video walls.

Dj Vkontakte

This program can download music from the contact whole albums for free.By the way, the program itself is perfectly capable of playing music and make playlists.


program itself searches and downloading music on the computer.Very easy to use.