Women's pregnant and a cat in the house

myth that domestic cats must necessarily be isolated from pregnant women, based on the fact that our purring friends very often carry hazardous to human health organism - Toxoplasma.However, it does not take into account the possibility that our own body of his life had already close encounter with a dangerous germ, and therefore did not fail safe to protect themselves.To understand this question, you need to figure out what kind of a microbe that can carry a man and his furry friends are so much trouble.

Cats parasite Toxoplasma gondii (Toxoplasma Gondi), which the animal can become infected by eating raw infected meat and accidentally swallowed a microbe with faeces or water.The incubation period - from several days to six weeks.The disease may occur in several forms, depending on what are different manifestations and symptoms of disease.It is known that the causative agent - the same as in humans and cats.Many people know that Toxoplasma affects the reproductive system, causing the death or birth of defective fruit freaks.That is why so often you can hear the recommendation not to allow pregnant women to communicate with cats.For the same reason, pets are often expelled from the house when the family expects the addition of the family.

Is justified the fear of being infected by "our younger brothers"?Is it possible for pregnant women to keep the cat in the house?Most often, the concern is the probability that the animal is a potential source of pathogen toxoplasmosis.Indeed, women are infected with the disease during gestation is fraught with immense danger.Miscarriage - this is not the worst thing that can happen.Worse, if the child is born a defective cripple.

That's really - the trouble for the whole family for a lifetime.Given the unpleasant chance to buy a lot of problems from the neighborhood favorite cat, all the ways people try to get rid of the animal in the house.But in fact, this should not be rushed.If indeed toxoplasmosis infection in pregnant women from the pet was so inevitable and common, half of humanity is now moved to a wheelchair.Fortunately, for the emergence of truly dangerous situation for the woman and her unborn offspring need to fatal coincidence of many circumstances.

Firstly, if the cat has long lived with you and have time to recover toxoplasmosis, most of all, you yourself have suffered the disease (and the symptoms of it are very small, they may well be attributed to the common cold), and then your body hasimmunity, excluding re-infection Toxoplasma.It is believed that more than half the world's population is infected with this organism.For example, in France, - 90% in the United States - about 60%, Russia - 70%.

By the way, toxoplasmosis can be transmitted not only on cats.Dangerous microorganisms can be brought into the body when handling raw infected meat or garden work, digging in the soil contaminated with germs.It is necessary to consider the future mothers.As already mentioned, had been ill woman gets toxoplasmosis immunity, ie immunity to the disease.This means that the risk for future pregnancies and offspring is over.

Second, cats who have had toxoplasmosis, also acquire active immunity and become free from infection to others.Thus, the fatal combination of circumstances that can ruin people joy of motherhood and fatherhood, means that while waiting for family replenishment of the family, their pitomitsy "picks up" somewhere toxoplasmosis, ill and infect their owner.

In light of the above facts, the probability is small, but still exists, and drop it off is impossible.To finally decide whether to get rid of the cat, let her explore in a veterinary clinic.Appropriate tests should be done in the hospital, and the mistress of the animal.If in your (the cat) has shoulders will be registered once an illness, then move on through life together, without parting.If the cat does not have immunity, then it is a risk of contracting (in the worst possible moment) toxoplasmosis, which, as you know, complicates matters.

to prevent infection pet to keep him on the street, do not feed raw meat, do not give dairy products that have not undergone heat treatment.Pregnant women should refrain from cleaning cat "litter", entrusting it to other family members.If this is not possible, use rubber gloves when cleaning (preferably disposable).Periodically disinfect cat tray with boiling water.Only in the extreme case, if it is very scary, you can ask family members hold pitomitsy in their home as long as it appears in the light of your long-awaited baby.

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