Address Sheremetyevo Airport.

Address airport "Sheremetyevo" - Moscow Region, Khimki - familiar to all Russians and foreign guests.AEROCOMPLEX is huge - it has 6 terminals, which are designated by the letters A through F.

Terminal A is for business aviation.B and C are in the northern part of the airport, and D, E and F - in the south.


all persons with reduced mobility, will necessarily be offered wheelchairs and ambulift for lifting on board.To use this service, 3 days before the trip must notify the airport of the special services, as necessary.

When planning time is important to remember that the start of registration for domestic flights is declared a 2-hour, international - 2.5 hours prior to departure.For 40 minutes before departure Check it ends.

throughout the "Sheremetyevo" can make use of free Wi-Fi.


can use the services of "Aeroexpress", reached by public transport, taxi or your own car.Address airport "Sheremetyevo" is easy to find using a GPS-navigator.

Arrangement of terminals is shown below.


Regular departures of trains to "Sheremetyevo" has been established with the Belarusian railway station.

This is a very good way to avoid traffic jams irritates.At the station in the waiting area Airport Express is organized registration of passengers on domestic flights, and receive baggage for delivery to the aircraft.

end of the path to the terminal F, where a free shuttle bus can drive to the terminals B, C and D. Note that for such a trip necessary to have the documents for the flight - ticket or itinerary receipt (they are checked).On the territory of the airport as an organized movement of paid bus between terminals.The fare is 60 rubles, and the travel time to the terminal - about 20 minutes.

Tariffs for «Aeroexpress»

C 1 February 2015 the company established the following rates for use of services:

  1. cost of a standard one-way trips of 400 rubles., If purchase tickets online or through a mobile application.If you buy it at the ticket office or ticket machine, have to pay 450 rubles.
  2. trip to the cabin extra comfort will make 1000 rubles.
  3. ticket "Return" is 800 and 900 rubles, respectively, its validity - 30 days from the date of purchase.
  4. One trip for children from 5 to 7 years will cost 130 rubles .. Children under the age of five, the service is provided free of charge.
  5. is possible to buy season tickets.Details can be found on the website of the company "Aeroexpress".

by metro, bus and minibus

Address airport "Sheremetyevo" is notorious for everyone who has ever stood in long hours of traffic jam on the Leningrad Highway.Therefore, use the services of "Aeroexpress" - is the most convenient way to get to the airport and not be late for the flight.But the price of 450 rubles for someone may seem excessive or even inaccessible.In this case, a trip to the "Sheremetyevo" is carried out by public transport.From metro station "Glider", "Riverport" and "Leninsky Prospekt" run regularly from the airport taxis and buses.The fare on the bus is 30 rubles., On the bus - 75 rubles.

How to get to the terminal F

It is located in the southern part of the airport.In 2009, the optimized passenger traffic at the airport "Sheremetyevo".Terminal F, whose address is the same, changed in size.Sanitary area was significantly expanded through the demolished partitions.

reach directly to the terminal F can be in three ways:

  1. With trains "Aeroexpress", the end point of the path which is the terminal F. Administration of express trains from Belorussky railway occurs every half-hour or an hour, the schedule can be specified on the website of the carrier.Trains arrive at the "Sheremetyevo" 35 minutes - very convenient and easy to calculate the time in order not to miss the plane.
  2. from the metro station "Glider" is to be number 817 bus (the fare is 30 rubles), as well as bus number 948 to the airport with the rate of 75 rubles.From the underground "Riverport" to "Sheremetyevo" is to be number 949 bus, the fare also have to pay 75 rubles.
  3. Drive your own car or taxi.To arrive at Terminal F Moscow, you need to turn right from the Leningrad highway to the International.If you move out of the area, it is necessary to turn at the stop "Novopodrezkovo" follow Sheremetyevo highway and bypass around the airport without going through the terminals B and C. You can pass on Novopodrezkovo and make a U-turn at the shopping center "MEGA", but it's harder and longer.

4. Anyone can use the services of "Cab-24" clock taxi shuttle is to the terminal F.

Address airport "Sheremetyevo".Terminal D

All the same data - the city of Khimki, Moscow Region, the airport "Sheremetyevo" - you can type in the route your car navigator.You need to leave in advance, taking into account traffic jams.

public transportation directly to the terminal D is a night bus number N1, which keeps the way from the metro station "South West" and passes through the metro station "Leninsky Prospect", "October", "Airport".The bus runs from 1:00 to 5:30 daily.

You can take a taxi - a specialized company "Transparking" it will take you to the airport "Sheremetyevo", the terminal D. The address and telephone tariffs are online air gates.

Once again it must be emphasized that all the terminals are linked routes or toll free shuttle bus voyages through the airport.So even if you have not reached the desired terminal, with this transport you are sure to arrive at your destination.

How to get to the terminal C

Terminal C is situated in the northern part of the airport and is a four-storey modern complex with its own communications and the reception, which is located on the 1st floor.

right before him from the metro station "River Station" is bus number 851, travel to the airport costs 75 rubles.

In the case of travel by car, if the motion is carried from Moscow, it is necessary to go on the Leningrad highway, then turn right at Sheremetyevo.Do not confuse the turns and fold the earlier international highway, in this case, spend a lot of time on the tour of the airport.

If we move from the area of ​​the Leningrad highway, it is necessary to reach the refueling Shell («Novopodrezkovo"), turn and follow before turning Sheremetyevo highway, where straight, without turning, you reach your destination.

If you urgently need to get to the terminal C, and the use of public transport is not possible, to serve our clients - a specialized company "Taxi-Sher".Cars to transit to the airport "Sheremetyevo", the terminal C address all possible routes and avoid traffic jams drivers know perfectly because it's their job.Phone number for ordering the machine is shown on the official website of "Sheremetyevo".