Business correspondence.

Business correspondence in today's business world - an important part of success.Employees of any organization faced daily with the need to make its own business correspondence and answer incoming calls.

Business correspondence has a broader classification: official, personal, external, internal, for the purpose of writing and sending the form.

One of the modern worker competencies is the ability to correctly write a business letter: gratitude, request confirmation warranty claim, a press release, greetings, notes, and other.

Consider the basic steps in writing a business letter.

Culture business correspondence - this registration letters and literacy text, and correct use of words and expressions.Therefore it is best to use first draft, then to test themselves and to avoid unpleasant misunderstanding.

structure of business letter includes: an appeal to the addressee, the preamble, the main teskt, conclusion.

Business correspondence does not permit an appeal to "you."Therefore, treatment often begins with the words "Dear (ND) ...."Continued treatment depends on many factors.Name-Surname used in the case of a personal acquaintance (but often used in letters to the head of state body).For the head of a commercial organization is allowed to apply to the word "lord" and add the last name without initials.If you do not know the title of the military or the exact title of executive positions, it is better not to use them.In this case, the recipient's name and patronymic will look more correct than an error.

Preamble need to show a few words of motivation and purpose of the letter.For this commonly used expression is: In accordance with ... (name of the document, the normative power) in order ... In response to ... In support of ... As part of its ... In this regard ....and other suitable combinations.

Next constitutes the main text to a few paragraphs (two to four) to clarify your position, opinion request.It is necessary to agree on the text information to the shape of the person from whom the narrator.Legal person often uses a singular and plural of the third person, and individuals transmit information from the singular and plural first-person.Proposals must be consistent, logical that the recipient has developed a holistic picture of what you want to write.The text should not be interpreted in two ways.The business letter must cover one subject or issue, and not to exceed two pages.

In conclusion, it should again briefly summarize the purpose of the letter.

rules of business correspondence provide a clear registration of business letters.Once the text of the letter is checked, edited, agreed, it must be competent to issue.

Blank business letter contains information about the organization: name, physical address, phone, fax, web-sites and e-mail, as well as the registration number and other relevant details.

Business Letter necessarily imply field left - three centimeters to the right - one and a half centimeters.

font used most often Times New Roman, 12 minutes (14 minutes), type size, the unit (bastard) spacing between lines.

hat business letter in the upper right corner contains the answer to the question "Who turned the letter": General management, administration, etc.indicating the position, company name, last name and initials.

If the letter contains the applications that are made on a separate sheet, you must specify the number before the signature of the sender.

essential part of a business letter javjaletsja information about the artist, the surname, first name, middle name should be given in full, as well as the telephone number for which it is best to contact a specific employee.

business correspondence must be stored in order, as it is important evidence of the company on this issue.