Bodrum Airport: on the way to rest

Bodrum - a popular resort in Turkey.It is located on the Aegean Sea, in the northern part of the Gulf of Gokova.Bodrum is a place of rest for lovers of exciting break away.The resort are many places of entertainment for every taste: discos, restaurants, clubs, bars, dance floors.To quickly get to the resort, most of the tourists arrive at the airport of Bodrum - Milas.It's faster and more convenient to carry than your way through Dalaman Airport.

Before we talk about Milas, is a little distracted by the information about the history and attractions of the resort.

little resort of Bodrum

ancient epic is considered part of the ancient Greek city of Halicarnassus.This explains the presence of the influence of Greek culture.About ancient history is now reminiscent of miraculously preserved ruins of the ancient mausoleum.An impact on the culture of the Ottoman and Roman Empire, Byzantium.This is evidenced by monuments.

most famous attraction of the resort - the castle of St. Peter, which for many years was a landmark for sailors.Now it is a museum.The second attraction is the famous Bodrum Amphitheatre Mausolus.It is worth to mention windmills, which fully operational since the beginning of the 18th century to the early 80-ies.

leisure facilities and features

For lovers of ancient art and culture of Bodrum is an excellent choice for relaxation.

For those who like to lie in a deck chair by the sea, listening to the whisper of the waves, Bodrum is the perfect place.After all, clean beaches of the resort will not leave anyone indifferent.A calm sea surface - a great place for fans of water procedures.

for windsurfers: in the neighboring district of Waas have for this great opportunity.But diving in the resorts of Bodrum excellent.

Many vacationers entertain yourself shopping.In Bodrum, you can find high-end designer clothes at affordable prices.This resort is famous for.But we must remember that even in the boutiques to be traded: it is a tradition in Turkey.

Airport Bodrum - Milas

To get into this story, we must first get to Milas - Bodrum airport.Bodrum Airport - a planting-concrete runway for airplanes equipped with everything necessary for a comfortable take off and landing.Band 3000 meters in length capable of supporting any type of airliners.

In early 2000, the Bodrum airport was renovated.Then, it is equipped with two comfortable and modern terminals.

advantage is the cooperation of airport management with a large number of budget airlines and companies.This fact allows people to carry out air travel inexpensively.Bodrum Airport - hundreds of destinations around the world at reasonable prices, this is a high-quality and efficient service and comfortable flights.

Airport Bodrum (Turkey) happily welcomes its guests.The capacity of the terminal - more than two and a half million customers a year.Not every European airport can boast such figures.


The resort of Bodrum away from the airport is only 36 kilometers from the resort Milas - no more than 17 kilometers.If the holiday is not to carry out centrally and on their own without a tour operator, you can use public transport and a few minutes to get to the desired goal.Of course, it is more convenient for a vacation with a tour operator - is a free transfer from Bodrum airport to the final point of rest, direct.

Passenger terminal an additional service: currency exchange, ATMs, bathrooms, duty free shops, cafes, lounge with wireless Internet, information desk, car rental, room for children.