How to choose a successful shadow green eyes?

green eyes attract and attract.They look unusual and cute, so it's important to choose the right makeup, not to lose the beauty of rare flowers.

The ideal shade for green eyes in pink and purple shades.They are perfectly set off the green color of the iris due to its sharp contrasts.But it is necessary to be careful with the selection of the shadows to eyes looked tearful.

If your eyes are bright golden sparks, then use the purple range is undesirable because it will emphasize the color brightens, and the green color fades.

You can also use the shade of golden color with shimmering brown tones and various shades of peach and body.

For day makeup is well suited for a shade of green eyes light lilac color, flesh, beige or cream.

happy owner of a bright emerald green eyes well suited dark blue and various shades of dark terracotta.

Focus on the eyes to help make dark shades.They will adjust the maximum position and shape of the eye and give your look fascinating depth.Apply such shadows need or a lower lid, or around the eyes, depending on the shape and the desired result.

For green eyes ideal black-brown, black and silver shades of black and purple, bronze and brown tone.

Many suitable shade for green eyes golden hues, particularly bronze, light gold, copper, yellow, etc.They favorably emphasize the natural eye color, give sight sparkle and brightness.

The only thing you need to do - to determine exactly which shade best suited to your eye color.For this experiment with a variety of gold tones based on the fact that a better fit dark eyes bright shade and vice versa.

Most women believe that eye shadow green eyes must be of an appropriate green.Indeed, this combination is quite possible, but do not cast a shadow on the upper and lower eyelids.It will distract attention from your eyes, discolor it and will not give the desired expression.It is best to add a make-up pink, brown or golden tones.

also necessary to consider that green does not have to be more saturated and brighter than your natural color of the iris.It is advisable to select the mid-tones, as close to your eyes.

Do not forget about the heat or cold colors.In the complex make-up can be used to shade a variety of green eyes, even badly combined shades.

Speaking of consistency, it may be noted that the make-up suit different shades: liquid, dry, cream-shade, shade, pencils, etc.But there is one rule - to create complex makeup, you can use only dry shade.Other forms suitable as a background or to place emphasis, since the creation of shades and highlights requires good feathering, and liquid or cream shadows are not able to do that.

also necessary to know how to properly apply makeup.Take the cream base, it will keep the shadow on the eyelids and allow them to go more smoothly.Lightly powder the eyelids to hide the shine agent.Then apply a masking agent under the eyes and emphasize the shape of the age with the help of brilliant shadow caused by eyebrow.For daytime make-up, use soft peach or gray-brown hues, carefully shading transitions between colors.For the liner, use brown or gray pencil.Complete the image of several layers of mascara.

Now that you know how to choose eye shadow is your color, you can never go wrong with makeup.But do not forget that evening and daytime make-up must be different, otherwise you risk being branded as vulgar and tasteless.