How to clear the cache in different browsers?

Most problems browsing the Internet, as a rule, can be solved simply and independently, without involving the case of qualified professionals.Do not panic if you encounter problems with the update page, and simply learn how to clear your browser's cache.

When there are changes on the site, even when you're on all the rules have made any changes (add an image, changing the style, color, and so on), just enough to refresh the page by pressing F5 on your keyboard or clearing your cachebrowser.

For those who first encountered the word "cash" and does not know what it is, explain briefly and clearly.Cash - these are files that are stored by the browser for a certain time on the PC's hard drive that contain information about all the work you have activities on the Internet.Through the pages of the stored data (cache), the browser will continue to apply it to him to load the desired page directly from there, and will not load it again from the server.Such an operation makes it possible to load pages faster while saving bandwidth.

browser, of course, be sure to check for updates to the pages and check their compliance with the saved copy for further updates.But in fact, not all updates can be found in time.

It is for this reason may be problems with the display of new information on the site.And often the solution to such problems is quite simple.For this, you only need to know two basic things: how to update your browser's cache and how to clean it.

methods of renovation and cleaning cache

browser to refresh the page, just press the key in combination Ctrl + F5.Then step by step look at how to clear the cache in the most popular browsers.

How to clear the cache in the browser Mozilla Firefox

  1. Close the browser all the pages that need to be updated.
  2. on the top menu bar of the browser window, click "Tools."
  3. In "Tools" select "Settings".
  4. window, select "Privacy."
  5. Click "Clear your recent history."
  6. In the dialog box, put a checkmark in the "Cache" and click "OK".

How to clear the cache in the browser Opera

  1. Close the browser all the pages that need to be updated.
  2. On the top of your browser, select "Tools» → «Settings» → «Advanced» → «History» → «Cache memory" and click "Clear Now."

How to clear the cache in the browser IE

  1. Close the browser all the pages that need to be updated.
  2. top menu bar, select "Tools» → «Internet Options."
  3. In the window that opens, select the tab "General» → «Temporary files."
  4. Click "Delete Files."
  5. Select the check box "Delete all offline content" and click "OK".

How to clear the cache in the browser Chrome

  1. in the top right corner click on the "Customize and Control" and select "Options."
  2. opens the "Options", where the tab "Advanced" clicks on the button "delete browsing data."
  3. In the window "Clear Data display" select "Clear Cache" and press the "Delete Data".
  4. Clearing the cache is complete.

Thus, following the above mentioned steps, in accordance with your browser type, you will be able to quickly and easily solve the problem with wrong display of pages on the Internet, as well as various other issues related to the cache files.

All the best!