What are the shadows for eye makeup

Many people know about the existence of the classic dry shadows, but this is not the only kind.And each type has its own advantages in make-up.However, as the flaws.

1. Dry or compact shade

These eye shadows are obtained by pressing the powder under high pressure.It was their most often buy women for the practicality of this cosmetics.


Komaktnye shadows convenient and easy to apply in any situation, they fit well on the eyelid and shaded.


As part of the compact shadows often possible to meet such unpleasant and unprofitable for zdlorovya substances such as zinc oxide, aluminum powder and so forth.

2. Cream shadows

As the name it is clear that these shadows are creamytexture.They are recommended to apply a special synthetic elastic fibers of the brush or sponge.


Cream shadows have a good resistance and moisturizing properties.Creates a nice effect "soft" look so well with them doing makeup for brown eyes in brown tones.


Cream cosmetics is not suitable for women with skin prone to greasy luster eyes to the impending century.Requires a certain skill at drawing.

3. Liquid shade

They are applied as well as creamy and - using a synthetic brush.Not many people love this kind of shadow.


With their help, you can create a beautiful effect make-up like the cover of a glossy magazine.


bad fall on the eyelid, poorly shaded, dry quickly in the package.

4. The shadows in pencil

In appearance they are easily confused with eyeliner, however, the appointment of these two completely different cosmetic products.Pencil with shadows sufficiently broad and soft, so it is convenient to use.


Ideal to quickly take the lower or upper eyelid.It becomes literally one movement of a pencil.After they are perfectly amenable shading.


Unstable obscene.

addition to the above classification is still shadows are matte and pearl.

matte shadow

well suited for natural makeup for the day.But there are also deep colors that help to create a beautiful image of the evening.

pearlescent shade

Some makeup artists believe that the afternoon shadows of pearl look inappropriate and vulgar, and recommend them to leave for a holiday and special outputs.Other make-up artists are not so categorical, but still believe that the pearlescent shade is not necessary to apply simultaneously on the upper and lower eyelids.And only a little.With this type of shadows you can create a radiant, dazzling look.

more tips on the use of shadows:

  • lasting effect will create a base for make-up.
  • When dark circles under the eyes give preference to lighter shades.
  • Do not attempt to create a new color by mixing existing ones.
  • depth look give a dark shadow on the crease of the upper eyelid.