Goinf.ru - how to delete spam?

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So today we look at this as a plague Goinf.ru.How do I remove it?What it is?Where does?All this today and we'll talk.Let's start with the simplest - find out what we have to deal.


Before you remove http://goinf.ru, is to understand that for the virus before us.This will help us to understand how to get rid of this computer infection.Especially if you are a novice user.

Goinf.ru - it is nothing like the real spam.Or a browser hijacker.Prescribed it, and startup settings, making it difficult to search.In fact, out of himself, he is absolutely the same as Webalta.Home - advertising, which can not remove by conventional methods.Let us try as quickly as possible with you to understand the topic: "Goinf.ru - how to remove the infection?"


With what started the fight with a variety of computer infection?Of course, check with the operating system for worms, trojans, and other "charms".That's the theme of "Goinf.ru - how to remove once and for all?"It should start with this.

However, for the successful implementation of the search we have to stock up on good Antivirus.Which should I use?For example, Nod32 or Dr.Web.Update your virus database, and then run a deep scan.This process is sometimes able to take away a lot of free time.Have patience.

After receiving the results, in order to figure out how to remove Goinf.ru, will have to cure all detected threats.Be prepared for the fact that some malicious files will be deleted.Then you can proceed to the next step, which will help us figure out how to remove the page from the browser Goinf.ru once and for all.

Registry to help

Well, now we will start with you to the second step.It is not as difficult as it might seem at first glance.We are talking about cleaning the registry of your computer.Why do this?The problem of removing most viruses lurking in their "prescribing" deep in the system.To detect infection helps the registry.

Press Win + R, then type the command "regedit".After pressing the "Enter" key brings you to the service we need.There visit the "Edit" and then "Search."Ready?Then, in the opened window 'hammer "Goinf" and start scanning.We'll have to wait a bit.When the action is complete, look at the result.Nothing appeared?Well, you can proceed to the next step.Some lines have arisen?Just delete them by pressing the right mouse button and select the appropriate action.Next, close the registry and start the final stage.


still think over the question: "Goinf.ru - how to remove once and for all?"Then, let's try to disable the infection in the "start-up" browser, and then try to restart the computer and look at the result.

So, to do this action, first find the desktop shortcuts to your "door" to the Internet.Now click on the icon, right-click and then select "Properties."Ready?You will have a small window in which we need to pay attention to only one field.It is called the "object."It is here that "prescribed" Advertising viruses, which are quite difficult to remove.

squandered the field until the end.Find ultimately there quotes.In them, after the start of the program executable file (exe) should address "Goinf.ru".In order to be able to forget about the changed start page erase the inscription, together with parenthesis, leaving only the executable file.Save your changes and reboot the computer.However, if you use different browsers, then this procedure will have to hold on to all applications.

Now run the "door" to the World Wide Web.Go to settings and replace the old homepage of the desired.That's all.One can only save the changes.Now that you know how to remove http://goinf.ru.