The left and right tributaries of the Amur.

Cupid - the great river, which flows in the Far East.About her compose a song praising her writers.Amur River originates from the confluence of two small rivers under the names of Shilka and Argun.But as his long descent to the Sea of ​​Okhotsk, which lasts 2824 km, it takes thousands of rivers of water.What are they, a tributary of the Amur?How many they are and where they originate?Let's learn about the biggest, but first pay attention to even the great Amur.

Amur River basin

Pool Grand Amur is located in East Asia.Within it are some physical and geographical zones.The most extensive - a coniferous-deciduous forests, and taiga.In addition, the basin stretches of the steppes and even semi-desert.And different climatic conditions.For example, the average annual precipitation ranges from 250 mm in the south-west, at the source of the Amur River, and up to 750 mm from the Sikhote-Alin mountain range in the south-eastern part.Such a big difference can not affect the behavior of a seasonal river.In the spring there are strong spill.Frequent floods and in mid-summer.Most often they occur in July and August.The source of the Amur River is considered to be the eastern part of the island of Mad.This is where the waters of the rivers merge Shilka and Argun.The length of the Amur River - 2824 kilometers.His mouth - the Amur estuary.This great and mighty river flows through the territory of three countries: Russia, China and Mongolia.Russian sector the most extensive, it can be subdivided into two parts - the Siberian and Far East.Throughout the river in its fall thousands of tributaries.They vary in length and volume of water.Until now, no one has counted all the tributaries of the Amur.The list is constantly updated with new reservoirs or from disappearing past.Still, the main tributaries are Zeya, Ussuri and Sungari know about them almost everything.But this is not the only river flowing into the great Amur.Let's look at those that are studied much less, because they are no less interesting.

River Gorin

Not all tributaries of the Amur studied well enough.River Goryn - a vivid example.About her very little is known.It flows through the territory of the Maritime region.River takes its origin from the eastern ridge Small Higan.It is located on the border of the Amur region.First Gorin river flowing to the northeast, then turns its direction to the southeast and flows into the Amur.Before merging the river divides into two branches.They are connected to the Amur 533 km downstream of the Ussuri River.In general, the length of the Gorin river is 480 km, width - about 500 m. In its lower part the river has steep steep banks.In this part it converge on the mountain.Upstream Gorin break numerous rapids.Many here and small islands.They are covered with dense coniferous-deciduous forest.The river is fast, no shipping.But every year dozens of tourists come here to make a very exciting and dangerous rafting trips.

River Amgun

Amgun River - left tributary of the Amur.Its origins are the two small rivers - Suluk and Ayakit that flow down from the Bureya ridge.Amgun flows into the Amur River at the bottom of his swimming pool, above the mouth of 146 km.This river is studied well enough.Her food - rain.In the spring, it is saturated with meltwater.During the summer, it marked the frequent floods.Because of heavy rains it is often extended beyond its banks.Amgun length - 723 km.It can not be called rapid.In its middle and lower reaches it - lowland river, despite the fact that her way is through Nizhneamurskaya mountains.Like many tributaries of the Amur River Amgun used for floating timber.Shipping perhaps 330 km from its mouth.The basin has several hundred lakes.The biggest of them - Chukchagirskoye.In Amgun come to spawn valuable fish species such as salmon and sturgeon.

Anuy - right tributary of the Amur

River Anuy (Dondon in antiquity) - the right tributary of the Amur.Its total length is 393 km.Its source is located on the slopes of ridges Tordoki Yani and Sikhote-Alin.It is collected from multiple streams into a single river.Mouth Anuy located between the two cities - Khabarovsk and Komsomolsk-on-Amur.The swimming pool area of ​​the influx - about 13 thousand sq. its upper reaches Anuy - mountain stream.In the bottom - it is quiet lowland river.The bulk of her bed is located on a wide plain.The river banks are usually swamped, and it is difficult to pass.Near its mouth Anuy splits into numerous channels and sleeves.

River Beer

not many large Amur tributaries flow through the territory of the Jewish Autonomous Region.One of these is the river Bira.It is a left tributary of the Amur.Its total length, from the source to the mouth, is 261 km.Area Basin - about 9.6 thousand sq. is formed by the merger of two medium-sized rivers - Kuldur and Soutar.Its source is located on the ridges Sutarsky and Small Khingan.Bira River flows through the low-lying plains.On its shore lies the town of Birobidzhan.Meals rivers mostly rain.For Bira characterized by sudden changes in water level.Flooding is most often observed in the summer.Their reason is the strong long rains.

River Gur

The list certainly includes tributaries of the Amur river Gur.It is a right tributary of the Amur.It flows through the territory of Khabarovsk Krai.The length of this river is 349 km.Its source is located on the western slopes of the Sikhote-Alin.Getting her give numerous streams.Gur Hungariyskuyu duct empties into the Amur.Basin area - 11.8 thousand sq. 1973, the river was called Khungari, but after it was renamed.It flows first to the west and then south.On its banks are located villages Gursky, Kenai, Snow, Uktur.On the river Gur annually attracts many tourists and make the alloy boats on its tranquil waters.These places are ideal for fishing.

Zavitaya River - left tributary of the Amur

in a wooded part of the Zeya-Bureya Plain originates another tributary of the Amur - river Zavitaya.Its length is 262 km.It received its name for a reason.The river bed runs through a wide plain, it is tortuous.Current curled a slow and measured.The catchment area is slightly less than 2800 square upper reaches of the river curled swamped.Entrance to its shores is very difficult.Billabong is curled near the village Poyarkovo.Where it flows into the channel of the Amur.In between the rivers and the Bureya is curled Zavitinsk city.

Tunguska River

Tunguska River - left tributary of the Amur.It flows in the Khabarovsk Territory, its basin covers the part and the Jewish Autonomous Region.On the banks of Tunguska is only one village - Volochaevka-2.The length of the river just 86 km away.The area of ​​its basin is not more than 30.2 thousand sq. is formed by the confluence of the rivers Kur and Urmi.They have a large enough extent.So, if the source of taking Urmi river, the length of the Tunguska will be 544 km, and if you count from the river Kur, the 434 km.Tunguska Nizhneamurskaya flows through the lowlands.Its bed flat and has no bends.Like all the tributaries of the Amur, a Tunguska rain type of food.In the spring in its channel drain melt water.The spill at this time insignificant.Main large floods occur in summer, usually in August.Their cause monsoons.The river basin more than two thousand lakes.Among them are large.Shipping is possible to the entire length of Tunguska.Its marshy coast, and drive to the river in many places impossible.