How to glue the linoleum: features of

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If you decide to replace the bathroom floor, the surface must be prepared for this.For linoleum base should be as smooth.However, even after installation you need to do some work, which will give a complete view of the coating.For example, you will be useful to know how to glue the linoleum correctly, what methods (and tools) for this purpose.

It should be noted that such a method of connecting the edges of the material when used as a stowage and the repair.Before you glue the linoleum, you must decide on the ways the product of this action.So, to connect the pieces used hot and cold welding, as well as glue and double sided tape.

Before you glue the linoleum hot welding, keep in mind that you should have some experience with special equipment, or at least be able to understand how it works.Also try to practice on a scrap piece of material.The fact that the bonding is performed under the influence of very high temperatures, so be sure it is necessary to strictly observe certain safety rules.In addition, try not to burn the material.The disadvantage of this method is the high cost of the work, because most of the work procedures for the invited expert.

If you do not know how to glue the linoleum, try using cold welding.It is presented in the form of a two-component adhesive on the tube with which all written instructions for use.It is more secure than the previous version.However, there need to be careful and orderly operation.The advantage of such tools is its low cost, ease of operation, and no need to buy special tools.You only need to cut the video material and the masking tape to protect the surface.In addition, this procedure you can carry out on their own, and it does not take much time.The main thing - to choose cold welding that will fit your type of floor covering.

Before you glue the linoleum, consult with a shop or a qualified installer.Now, there are other means for fastening the edges of the material.For example, the metal plate.They are placed on the seam and bolted.However, in this case, linoleum damaged, and such clearance is not always appropriate in the interior.

If you do not know how to glue seam linoleum quickly, try the double sided tape.However, for this it is necessary to base the foundation was very clean and dry, the strip could well stick.Note that such a compound material is short-lived, as the active use of an adhesive tape coating is rapidly losing its properties.Furthermore, the method is reliable and minimally causes ingress of dirt under the linoleum.

The most effective method is still welding.So your seam on the floor will be virtually unnoticeable.Naturally, this must be properly folded pattern.