Sprinter - who is this?

One of the most popular Olympic sports is athletics.It combines many different disciplines, including running competition.

Who is sprinter

Sprint is a cyclic form of racing in which you need a large display of speed endurance.Thus, a sprinter - a sportsman overcoming short distance as fast as possible.The load in the anaerobic running, and if other run energy source glucose or fat acts, here it is creatine.This is due to the intensity of excessive loads.

From an athlete requires a special speed endurance, as laid out on the need to fully and immediately.Therefore, Sprint requires maximum physical fitness, as well as any other sport.Athletics, sprint in particular, is a powerful force exercise that has a strong influence on all the processes occurring in the human body.

Features sprint run

Due to the nature of loads Sprint has certain characteristics and effects on the body of an athlete.First, it contributes to the development of strength, endurance, a positive effect on muscle tone, cardiac and pulmonary system.We can say that the general well-being is improved and strengthened health.Secondly, sprint running is an effective stimulant fat burning.Thus there is no combustion in muscle mass, but rather, can be increased skeletal muscle of the lower body.

However, with all the positive things, the so-called smooth running travmoopasen enough and technically complex.Therefore, it is not recommended to begin with this species.Sprinter - an experienced pre-trial workouts prepared to heavier loads, the athlete.Training is not only connected with the testing speed loads, and track and field and other exercises.

Distances sprint.Running the 100 meters

There are the lengths that overcome the sprinters.There is a distance of 30 to 400 meters:
- 30 meters.Held indoors, the race only lasts up to five seconds, which requires a good start of the reaction.
- 100 meters.It refers to the official distances in an outdoor stadium.
- 200 meters.It may take both summer and winter in the stadium.It is a competition in the passage of the curve and then straight section.
- 400 meters.It is considered a long sprint, endurance and requires special skills to enter the turns without reducing speed.

most popular and prestigious discipline is run 100 meters.She was already in the program of the Olympic Games since their inception.The competition is carried out in the summer stadium, with a straight section of track is 400 meters.This discipline is a race from the starting line to the finish line in the hundred-meter race.

Running technique

Sprint includes four phases: start, start the run, running directly on the distance and finish.As for the start, then in the sprint race using low start.This gives the ability to quickly start and grow the fastest speed, and a long time to maintain it.

Sprinter - a runner, which is still a short time distance to be focused and be in good shape.
used to repulsion solid support in the form of start-up of the machine and pad.They also guarantee the stability and sustainability of the legs.The next step is to start the run.In this phase it is important to achieve a speed most close to the maximum.

Achieving high speed while running across a distance is carried out thanks to a long step, as well as rapidly.Increase the length of the step can be a powerful repulsion.The maximum speed must be maintained until the end of the race.The race is considered ended when the athlete sprinter As for the body vertical.To avoid reducing the result, the runner does not have to make the leap to overcome the finish line.

Preparing for competitions

Before the competition the athletes are thoroughly trained.It includes theoretical, integrated, strategic, strength training as well as training of mental stability.Knowledge of the theory of the discipline ahead of any practice.The athlete must master all the subtleties, the analysis methods and means of training.

also very important physical strength athlete, his stamina and stable central nervous system.Therefore, the runners regularly perform various power and cardio, constantly improve its power capabilities.It is equally important to eat right and rest.

Sprinter - a man with strong will power, self-control and self-control.This necessitates the formation of a stable psyche of an athlete.It is also very important to a holistic attitude in preparation for competitions.It defines an integrated approach and play a variety of ways learned knowledge.

competition rules

huge number of athletes taking part in competitions in such sport as athletics.Sprint is a discipline in which the participants most.Therefore, the selection is carried out in a few laps.Very important is the correct implementation of all phases of sprint race.Stadiums official competitions are equipped with automatic temporary accounting, as well as a photo finish.

If the weather is windy, it is taken into account the tailwind component, as it can greatly facilitate the task of the athlete.Pads, which will start with the athletes, equipped with a device that determines the response time of the runner.The need for such a problem due to the automation of a false start, which may be the reason of the subjective decision by the judges.

photo finish determines the order of parishes athletes.The winner is the one whose torso crosses the plane of the finish line first.His image in the automatic timing accurately determines the time that separates the athletes.