Touch pointing input device, used in laptops: types and purpose

Touch pointing input device, used in laptops, it is now significantly changed, or rather, it has been present for a lot of innovations, which we now discuss in this article.


TrackBall is one of the first gadgets, which replaced all of us familiar mouse.Sensor devices of this type currently used in not only portable but also in personal computers.This development is a mouse that looks quite as traditional, but to manage it very simple and convenient.From housing TrackBall serves a small ball, which is rotated by the palm and in the meantime all his movements tracked the cursor on the computer screen.Perhaps the biggest advantage of this device is that all users of it very quickly adapted.Of course, now such devices have rarely seen.In modern notebook computers are not used.

device TouchPad its predecessors

AccuPoint is a miniature manipulator, which is located in the center of the keyboard of the portable device.He acts on the basis of the joystick, control it simply, this tilting element in the desired direction, after which it will move in the same direction, and the mouse cursor.Perhaps the biggest advantage of this device is that the manipulator itself has small dimensions.But in order to learn how to use it, it takes some time.During a certain period of these devices are very popular, but at the moment it is difficult to find them.

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TouchPad - This touch pointing input device, used in laptops.Surely the name of this element is familiar to every user.TouchPad is located on the notebook and its size is slightly bigger than a matchbox.Use this equipment is very simple.You just have to hold your fingertip in a certain direction, and in response to such an indication, and will move the mouse cursor on the computer screen.If, for example, you needed something to open, then you need to double click on the pad, just do it, respectively, quickly, as in the case of the mouse buttons.TouchPad - touch pointing input device, used in laptops, which currently has a huge popularity of such equipment is installed on all modern laptops.Some new models of handheld device has the ability to send and graphical information.To do this, using the stylus to write the corresponding letter, and it will be immediately transferred to the editing software on the computer.As we mentioned earlier, the device is currently the most popular and used on a large number of laptops from different manufacturers.

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TouchScreen - device touch screen, which is installed directly on the screen of the laptop itself.Currently, most of such technology can be found in today's mobile phones, tablets, and handheld computers.Such a widespread notebook displays have not yet received, as these components are very expensive and, consequently, producers unprofitable to produce them on a large scale.For example, such a device you will be able to meet in a special series of Fujitsu notebooks, which belong to the class B.


Now consider the Jog Dial - This touch pointing input device, used in laptops, which often can be found indevaysakh company Sony.The device is very simple.It is a small wheel which protrudes slightly from the housing.In fact, this device is for the most part intended to adjust the volume, selecting and running a variety of applications, as well as for viewing and scrolling.For example, to run a particular program, you will need to scroll with the wheel, and then run just one click, and the selected item will be opened.Indeed, it may be noted that this device very useful and, most importantly, easy to use.By the way, in some notebook models, this solution can be found together with the TouchPad.Such an embodiment may include a laptop computer HP, it has a unique mouse model that retracts into the body itself.It monitors all movements by the movable plate, which is connected directly by the portable PC.This device is actually a very convenient and does not require a long addiction user.