How to cook the marinade for mackerel?

mackerel in our country is loved and revered for its tender meat, useful features and affordable price.You know that it is enriched with vitamin B12 and essential minerals.Nutritionists and doctors consider it one of the most valuable fish species and recommended food for the prevention of heart and nerve diseases.

specialists have established that - people who regularly eat mackerel in any form, are less prone to depressive states, as in the meat of this fish is present Omega-3 fatty acids, which increase serotonin levels in the body (hormone of happiness).Appreciate it and the chef - they say it is suitable for absolutely any garnish and has excellent taste.

Its main advantage is the lack of bones, scales, and a small amount of guts.Each kitchen cooking secrets carcass.To make the spicy taste and flavor, the marinade used for mackerel.Cooks assure that properly marinated fish - this is a part of success.We will not torment you - proceed to recipes.

Delicate fish with spicy sauce

Prefer individuals close to the head.For the marinade for two fresh-frozen mackerel carcasses need: garlic (five cloves), two onions, 12 pcs.peppercorns, Lavrushka (five leaves), sweet pepper (8 pcs.), vinegar (two tablespoons), teaspoon of sugar and mustard (20 grams), salt (30 g).

Wash the fish, cut it into small pieces a la carte.Now prepare the marinade for mackerel: in cooled boiled water, put the sugar, vinegar, salt and mustard.We pour our carcass onion rings, chopped garlic and spices listed.Then pour prepared sauce was left for a day at room temperature and then retracted into the refrigerator.Eat happy with mashed potatoes and fresh lettuce!

"Copts" mackerel house

Prerequisites: Two carcass mackerel, a half liter of water, liquid smoke (50 g), Lavrushka, two spoons of sugar, 4 large spoons of salt, eight peppercorns, six brewing tea bagstea and your favorite spices.It is also necessary to take two plastic bottles with cut off neck (big fish to fit).

First prepare the marinade for mackerel smoked pepper, salt, water, sugar and lavrushki.Cook liquid 5 minutes and give it to cool, then add liquid smoke (30 g) and spices.Obmytuyu fish (not to gut and clean) pack upside down in the bottle.Pour the sauce, mix well and send them to a secure place by the sun for two days.

take out of the makeshift "smokehouse" disemboweled and cut off his head, lay in a deep container and fill it with about 5 liters of hot tea.The warm liquid add the remaining liquid smoke - leave for half an hour.Impregnated carcass suspended by tails for two days - get soft and juicy fish.If you leave for 4 days, it will become firmer and less oily.

recipe marinade with cloves and mustard powder

on three major carcass mackerel: a liter of water, cloves, mustard powder (10 grams), salt (20 g), vinegar 9% (tablespoon), bay leaf (a couple of pieces), sugar (tablespoon).

eviscerated fish (headless) thoroughly washed, cut into small pieces and carefully folded into a deep container.To it add the peppercorns, bay leaf and cloves.In a separate container, do marinade for mackerel: the water must be put mustard powder, sugar and salt.Put on low heat and boil for five minutes.Another hot dressing to add to our carcass with vinegar and infuse in the refrigerator for days.Fish gets a unique flavor, juiciness and piquancy amazing, which is lacking in the store.

How is mackerel on the grill?

marinade for the dish: olive oil (100 ml), two cloves of garlic, lemon juice and zest from one lemon, a little salt (half a teaspoon), white pepper (5 g) and rosemary (tablespoon).Accordingly, it will need a big fish weighing about 600

rub the peel, squeeze out the juice and combine it with the above ingredients.With a carcass cut off the fins, head and tail, and remove the entrails.Generously rub on all sides ready lemon sauce, leave to marinate for half an hour.We spread evenly on the grill and fry no more than 7 minutes.When serving decorate with fresh tomatoes and Chinese salad.This fish goes well with white wine.

Bake the fish on the grill in foil

We need: two fatty fresh mackerel, onion (large head), large lemon, mayonnaise, olive (tablespoon with slide), a bunch of dill with cilantro, spices for fish and salt.

Prepare marinade for mackerel from the onion rings, sliced ‚Äč‚Äčlemon, grated zest, spices, chopped herbs and salt.After that, go back to the body, which had previously been processed, we shall wash out and we shall cut neat cubes (not too thin).Immerse the fish in the prepared sauce for half an hour.

then pour every bit of mayonnaise and wrap in foil.Fry should be for 40 minutes on the grill, do not forget to turn it periodically.Spicy, juicy and very tender turns mackerel on the grill.Marinade, by the way, can do on their own recipe - it does not matter.