How to cook squid in sour cream?

Seafood - the perfect complement to the daily menu.Though not everyone can afford to eat them every day, but at least on holidays meals are available, perhaps, to everyone.And if, for example, brine or octopus like not all the squid can be prepared so that such food have to taste even to those who are not particularly fond of some gifts of seas and oceans.

Basics cooking

There are a huge number of ways in which you can prepare dishes with calamari.There is no single recipe, and combines these marine animals with so many additional ingredients, but the basis of all food is still cooking themselves squid.And not to spoil the whole meal, it is necessary to properly cook a whole bird.

Semi-finished products sold are different, but for best results, better to buy raw squid.In the store, they are usually sold frozen;before proceeding carcasses are placed for a few minutes in salted cold water, then parboiled and then removed "skin."

For tender and juicy, "nerezinovogo" meat when we prepare the squid carcass, we cook it very long.Boil water, laid the carcass - a maximum of 20 seconds after they are removed from the boiling water.If the recipe includes stewing or broiling, it should make no more than three minutes.There is also an alternative method - long;in this case, squid stew must not less than forty minutes.

Sour option

most popular and easy to prepare squid with sour cream.For them, you will need 800 grams of carcasses, 300 grams of sour cream, 2 medium onions, vegetable oil - a couple of tablespoons of the same amount of flour, salt and pepper.The result is impressive - a dish turns out very juicy and tender on the palate.

There is a very interesting way of how to cook calamari in cream - Cooking it lacks.Carcasses thawed in cold water, the skin removed, cut and pulled the chord range.Then squid obsushivayut towels / napkins and cut rings.They quickly fried in oil.Finely chopped onion until golden brown pripuskayut separately passaged flour.The dishes, which will prepare a dish, put the bottom of the onion, then - seafood;pour 2 parts of sour cream and 1 - water.The small volume of water and sour cream mixture is diluted fried flour.This is done when the mixture with sour cream comes to a boil, then add the flour and gently stirred.In this form, the dish is stewed slowly for half an hour;shortly before the end add salt and pepper.

So how to cook calamari in cream by this method for a long time, this food more suitable for the holiday table.It is in harmony with the usual mashed potatoes, but especially delicious with rice.

Fried calamari

Wade carcass and onions - in the same amount as in the previous recipe.Smetana, this time 4 tablespoons enough, but add a couple of tablespoons of mayonnaise.In addition to salt, and are advised to add a little sugar and flour do not need at all.You can experiment with your favorite spices.Before you cook calamari in cream by roasting them again need to handle - defrost, remove the peel and so on. D. But this time they are fried with the onions over high heat, so that the process went quickly and squid remains soft.Then in a pan add up all the ingredients are mixed and extinguished no longer than five minutes.This option squid tasty cream has cooled, so it is best to supply at least half an hour to put the container in the refrigerator.

delicious recipe multivarochny

Those who have such a useful kitchen unit, not too much to ask, how to cook calamari in cream with it.On two carcasses must take a carrot and tomato, cup sour cream fatter and a spoonful of vegetable oil.Spices and salt - as always, to your liking.Marine animals must first be thawed and to cut;They are traditionally cut - rings, vegetables - straws.To calamari in cream multivarka turned into "what is necessary", is poured into a cup of vegetable oil, top fold rings and straws, add the necessary seasoning - and the contents of the bowl mixed.Exhibited mode "quenching";time - depending on the features of your device.On average power of 860 watts is enough 20 minutes.If you cook calamari in cream in multivarka dish it turns out very tender, and the main component is never rigid.

The calamari salad is also appropriate

can say that these marine animals are very "versatile": with them, and prepare salads and first courses, and almost all the options very well.One of the most interesting - with a combination of carrots and cabbage normal (can be replaced Peking) cabbage.Squid and cabbage taken over half a kilo of carrots - 150 grams of carcasses quickly boiled and cut into squares, vegetables finely shred cabbage (if you took of white) crumpled.Served with salt, sugar, crushed garlic and oil.Food lovers are advised to add more and seasonings for Korean carrot.Prepare the masses should be placed under the load at least at night, and it should stand out in the cold.It turns out very tasty - such they squid.Recipes with photo evident: it is also very beautiful!

Kalmarnye pancakes

unlikely that many people know that the original recipe.It again includes cabbage.Again, five hundred grams.Pre-need to fry the finely chopped onion, add to it chopped kochanchiki and stew until soft.The prepared squid converted into minced meat grinder or blender and combine with stewed cabbage.In a lot are driven yolks from 2 eggs, all mixed with 5 tablespoons of flour proteins are whipped to a foam and also added to the stuffing.Further action - as in conventional baking pancakes: take a spoon, put the pan as browned - overturn.Serve with sour cream;praised those pancakes if they are still sprinkled with herbs.

Farshiruem squid

This dish cook troublesome, but the taste is amazing.For the filling is cooked egg and sliced ​​tomatoes (not too large 2), zucchini (150g), half a clove of garlic and onion.Vegetable stew, they add chopped egg.Squid quickly boiled, were dried, the resulting mixture with a filling, crumble in flour and fried in deep fat.Make the sauce: garlic clove turned up in the oil, add two tablespoons of sour cream and 100 g heavy cream, pour a quarter cup of broth (can be replaced by a cube), put the chopped tomato and a large pepper added.Boil 1 minute.The sauce should be ready to lay out the stuffed carcass, add dill and then a minute or two.This method is how to cook calamari in cream, provides a simple dish with amazing flavors.

If you are bored with the traditional holiday meals, remember the existence of seafood and surprise your loved ones an unusual taste new foods.