How to start a conversation with a girl?

How to start a conversation with a girl?This seemingly simple question baffled many young men.Especially if we are talking about is not very self-confident and reliant young people.How to start a conversation with the girl, overcome his own shyness and win her heart - read on!Also in the article, you can find alternatives to talk to a lady.

How to start a conversation with a girl, if you do not know?

guy can see the beautiful lady in the cafe, restaurant, public transport, gym and so on.The stranger could just get his attention by their appearance, behavior.In this case, the choice is clear: come and get to know her.But what if the young man because of his modesty can not bring himself to take the first step?Then you can act in a certain "plan" in order to let you know what to ask and how to behave.This option is well suited to start to feel more confident and calm when meeting.Over time, you just do not need it, because you will not even ask, "How to start a conversation with a girl?" - And talks will begin naturally.

First you need to analyze the situation.If a woman, for example, sitting in a restaurant with another guy, or is in the company of friends, it is better not to approach it.In the first case it is clear - perhaps it already has a young man, and in any case to interrupt a conversation between two people is uncivilized.And if it is actively communicating with your friends, you are likely to quickly unlikely to fit into a group.Well, you need to understand the suitability of a place to explore.Not very convenient to meet friends in public transport, where, except for you, there are a large number of innocent people.Because of the noise, you can misunderstand each other or do not hear the words.It is not necessary to get acquainted during the lectures, lessons and other activities of this kind.When she listens to the teacher / trainer / coach, it is most likely not configured to chat with you.

Wait until the event is over, and then go to it.Now, actually, how to start a conversation with a girl?Begin with a greeting.It is worth to remember one simple thing - regardless of age, to the lady better handle on the "you" in a sign of respect.After greeting Imagine, for example: "My name is Oleg, let me know your name."Or: "What is your name?" Or, "Let me meet you."You can ask whether there is a girl free time to talk with you or she rushes to the lady not to put in an awkward position.Ask her a question, without affecting anything very personal.So whether you want to continue to communicate darling, you'll see after about one minute.If the girl is his view will show lack of interest in your person, on the face reflected dissatisfaction or even disgust, just politely apologize and say goodbye.But if you feel that the conversation takes place nice lady smiling and happy to answer all your questions, this is a favorable sign, and you can continue the conversation.

How to start a conversation with the girl, with which you are familiar?

happens that young people have long been familiar, just a guy is afraid to come up and start a conversation.At the same girl he is interested in, or it may even in love with her.Then you can just start talking to you both close topic (if known), and also observe the behavior of women.If her tone is sharp and short and quick response, then you have to seek the location of the ladies in any other way.Examples conversation with a girl will be as follows: the usual "Hello, how are you";"I have heard that you are interested in ...", "What do you think about ..." and many others.Now you know how to start a conversation with a woman, no matter how familiar or not.