What types of interior doors?

Those who have recently made repairs in the apartment, you know how difficult it is to select the necessary high-quality interior doors.Their choice for construction supermarkets so huge that just going round the head.

Today we introduce you to the most common types of interior doors.We can assume the classic wooden model or, as they are often referred to as "massive."They can be made of precious wood.But the most popular today are considered doors of pine.They are durable.

Nowadays, not only the construction markets and supermarkets can offer various kinds of interior doors.A large number of workshops for the production of a variety of models.Here you can order the door for individual designs and sizes.

every year becomes more and more popular paneled models that are manufactured without the use of glue.Instead, he used finger joints.These models are durable.Typically, they are made of pine.But there are types of interior doors in which precious woods are used only in the form of veneer.

in demand in today's market model sheets that have good performance and an affordable price.These doors are glued to the frame with a sheet of chipboard.

Particularly noteworthy laminated structure.These models are covered with artificial veneer (laminate) with thickness up to 0.8 mm.This coating imitates natural wood.The doors have a very smooth surface and look very attractive.However, in the case of deformation to repair such a construction is almost impossible.

Today kinds of interior doors is so diverse that you can choose the model to any style of interior.

are gaining in popularity in recent years, glass options.This is a very effective solution for modern interiors.Doors are made of tempered glass thickness of eight millimeters.These samples were visually enlarge the space.They can be formed with glass of different colors and applying them to different patterns.

There are different types of sliding interior doors: from the top and bottom rail.These models consider a new era in the zoning premises.It really is a stylish and practical solution.They easily fit into the interior of the dwelling, with their help you can easily make alterations.These models can have multiple webs made of frosted glass, mirror or chipboard.In many ways, the choice of material depends on the interior.

Today we learned how diverse kinds of interior doors.Prices are too high.And spread their substantial.For example, the massive doors will cost from 5,000 to 30,000 rubles.Veneered model will cost you between $ 3,000 and 7,000 rubles.Laminated interior doors are from 1300 to 6500 rubles.Glass samples - from 10,000 to 18,000 rubles.It must be said that this is the price of a standard hinged doors.Sliding samples consisting of two or more paintings will cost you much more expensive.