Selection and training of managers

Time "family" companies recruit on the basis of kinship or acquaintance, ended somewhere in the mid-90s.

The farther, the better employers realize that the selection and training of managers - a very important question and requires professional skills and knowledge.Yes, of course, to find a specialist in your field, quite a good knowledge of the profession.But suddenly a professional high level would be angry and quarrelsome, do not fit into the team?What if he, having achieved the confidence of management and gaining access to company secrets, will go to competitors, attracted little better conditions and higher wages.Sales - places where the same time a lot of money and intelligent, able to work with them people.Yes, of course, to keep track of dishonesty can and should be, and it's done.Well, if a worker removes a cashier and hidden in an unknown direction?

Actually, this confidence must be based on the professionalism of employees of personnel agencies, as well as on three pillars - professionalism, psychological stability and mental toughness.With the first is easiest.This test determines how much the employee knows his business, whether he is ready to learn more by attending courses and learning new techniques on their own.This problem is solved, if the employer himself well-versed in the proposed trade, conducts various courses and sales training, takes care of the competence and training of its employees.Psychological resistance - a more subtle question.This criterion includes understanding the nature of man, his ability to communicate, to determine whether it will fit into the existing team.Of course, it is possible in this matter based on the great experience, but it is better to trust the professional psychologist.Moral resistance - the most desirable, but also the most difficult to determine the quality.It will not save the training of active sales for the sales department or camcorder in a building firm.This option involves a person's honesty, loyalty management.It is he who determines the probability of leaving all the competitors operating time.In order to correctly assess the employee's moral stability it requires not only knowledge or professionalism, but also the so-called professional flair.It is not just - feeling, not backed by the knowledge and unreliable thing to rely on it not worth it.That is where the need for HR professionals - people specially trained and professionally involved in the selection of personnel.They will find you a genius programmer, or a professional accountant, gain the employees in the sales department.Without their participation, no cost and further training and retraining employees - who, if not them, to know exactly what is lacking is the man for the successful operation?And what better way to spend - the course, involving psychological relief and integration of employees into a team, or regular sales training?

course, recruitment agencies need not apply.Engage recruitment personally to you nobody forbids, but think about it, and whether the cost of time and nerves spent the money that you choose to save on outstanding recruitment agency.You may find that your confidence in their knowledge and experience to hit and badly enough, in your wallet is.Even if you found the employee would be crystal honest professional and a master of his craft, how much money will pass you by, and remain unaccounted for unearned and until you talk personally with each of the candidates?