Friendship - is the key to success

recently held sessions with their "difficult" teenagers."Friendship.What is it? "- That was the theme of our conversation.My boys and girls to engage in preparing for this with great pleasure.Found a lot of sayings of famous people, a lot of proverbs.I have a kind of group, children often do not get enough attention, so the opportunity to speak and be in the spotlight, they did not miss.The result was unexpected lessons for me.

turns out that some of my players did not agree that the friendship - is, above all, spiritual closeness.Not all, but some of the guys on the question of what the friendship of their personal opinion, in the first place does not put forward lofty definition.That sounded like their answers:

- Friendship - is when the fun to hang out together.(Quote).

- This is when you can count on the aid, to take something there or take the money.(Quote).

- Friendship - is if you go with a friend, spend time.(Quote).

I, of course, take into account that all of my teens is far from wealt

hy families, but such an attitude to the concept of "Friendship" I was very upset.And I decided to continue the conversation without the questionnaires.

It turned out that my kids are, in general, understand that friendship should be selfless, that it implies a emotional attachment.Having read a lot of quotes and sayings (unfortunately not in the books, and social networks), they are notionally aware that true friendship - is a willingness to be patient, boundless confidence, the ability of any, even the most unexpected moment rushed to the help, support his friend.

But this is what teenagers were not ready.The mental conversation they shared with me their concerns.

- You say that the friendship - is trust.What if I tell a friend something, and she blabbed all?- Going through Alice.

- Is the need to share with someone their feelings, especially negative, pour on someone your emotions is not considered greed? - Read more inquired Anton.

opinion and no doubt it has been set, the good, the guys are not shy to talk to me about what they care about.And I made a very bad to a conclusion.

We often talk about the loneliness of people in the big city.Many of us are not ready to open up emotionally to another person, are not willing to put the interests of others above their own.Do I have to do it in the modern world?Question controversial and too controversial.

Just one thing: people who do not have at least one true friend, often deeply unhappy.

But arguing about loneliness, we do not think that we are alone, not only through his own fault, but the fault of their teachers and parents.I know how to turn against me is now a teacher.I know how hard they work: she worked a lot of years with teenagers.But, telling the children about the lives of great men, their friends and loved ones, we often do not touch the soul of our children.We are not saying that the friendship - it is an absolute condition for the harmonious existence of man.Friends of one heart for two, the same values, one world.We are not saying that the other can not be selected on purpose.Friendship arises only where there is mutual understanding, vzaimovlechenie without any sexual connotation.

True friendship - this is the greatest emotional attachment, the desire for a common term, understanding intuitively, boundless confidence.

And all this it is necessary to teach children.Learn to tolerate and help teach trust and trust, to teach to communicate.

How to do it?Difficult question, which it is impossible to give a definite answer.Probably, it is necessary to teach children to respect others, to be able to forgive, to listen to the comrades who struggle with selfishness.And still need to teach children loyalty, devotion, patience, develop their normal self-esteem.A child who believes in himself more able to open up to another person and take his emotional attachment.

need to teach this to the birth and not so much in words as his own behavior, his example, his whole way of life.

If we as parents and teachers, we have real friends, if we are outgoing and respect others, then our children will grow up happy, successful, understand that true friendship makes life richer, more emotional, more successful.