The motivational sphere of personality

What belongs only to the person that creates its personality and distinguishes it from other people?It is his inner world, which is formed only by their individual laws and has a specific content, based on a specially refracted and redefining human external reality.What, therefore, is inner peace?It consists formed under the influence of personal experience of the person enduring sense of phenomena and objects of external reality, the attitude towards them, as well as the needs and personal values, which are formed with these meanings.The psychology of the inner world is called value-semantic sphere of personality.It controls the behavior of a man who, in contrast to the behavior of the animal, not just limited to the actual satisfaction of biological needs, but still has social and psychological.

to explain the motives in human behavior in the use of psychology concepts motive and motivation.Motivation - is the psychological reasons to explain human behavior.This search for answers to the questions "

why?", "Why?", "What is the purpose?", Etc.Motive - is an intrinsic property of a man prompts him to any action.With the concept of motive is closely linked to demand, ieurgent needs arising under certain conditions necessary for the normal development and functioning.

Availability needs are different from non-living beings.Forcing look for ways to meet, they excite the body, stimulate behavior.Of course, like a higher being, a person observed the widest range required for its full existence needs.In addition to the physical, there is still a material, social and spiritual, with, individuals differ in their inherent needs and their specific combination.The motives or needs constitute a complex, built on the structure of the hierarchy - a motivational sphere of personality.The first motivational model of American psychologist Maslow created in the fifties of the last century.

This eminent psychologist was seven-pyramid, each of the steps that - a certain kind of needs.First - physiological needs, the second - the need for security, and the third - a social need for love and belonging to a community of people, and the fourth - the desire for success and respect, the fifth - the cognitive, the sixth - cultural, aesthetic, finally, the seventh - the desire for self-development,self-improvement.All of these steps, which make up the motivational sphere of personality, Maslow built a pyramid in a strict sequence is not accidental, therefore, he showed that at the base are lower physiological needs, only to meet that person is able to move and develop further, and its behavior can becontrol has higher requirements.One gets the need-motivational sphere of the person of several components: the content, the strength of desire, its frequency and methods meet.

In the framework of the topic should be made is another significant concept - target.Objective - this is the result, which is aimed at achieving the activities to meet urgent needs.From motives, needs and goals develops motivational sphere of personality.Each person develops it is very individual, and it can evaluate the following three dimensions: latitude, flexibility and ierarhizirovannost.

more varied motivations, needs and goals of the person, the greater and the development of his motivational sphere.More plastic is designated such motivational sphere of the person when to achieve results and meet the needs he uses more diverse funds (compared to others).Here is a simple example.In an effort to acquire knowledge, only one person uses the Internet and another that has a plastic motive sphere of uses for this is also a book, chat with people, the media.It should be noted that Latitude and ductility - different concepts.Latitude - a variety of subjects in which a person meets the urgent need, and plasticity - is an interaction between the different levels that make up the motivational sphere of personality: the motives and goals, needs and motivations, needs and goals.

Ierarhizirovannost - a structure of each individual level of the motivational sphere.In each of these motives, needs and goals are different strength and frequency of occurrence.The more differences, the motivational sphere of the person hierarchically.