Manipulation in communication

Manipulation in communication occurs constantly, and despite the negative connotation inherent in this way, is not always evil.In this article we look at the most typical examples of manipulation in communication between loved ones, in the parent-child relationships and in business communication.

Manipulation is called an impact on the partner in dialogue in order to achieve the desired from him.And this influence necessarily hidden, when one person talks, wanting more.Manipulation in communication regularly used not only trades of any link with the purpose of making a profit.Consciously or not, everyone uses one or another phrase to keep a loved one / call it guilt / make agreement with partners.You would think that these games above your dignity, and that you, as an intelligent person, not to succumb to these tricks?Remember, Have you ever heard / used such phrases as: "Only you understand me", "You do not love me!", "If you go, I ...."Arsenal inexhaustible.However, more often manipulated in communi

on seem less ominous and pursue smaller targets.No one will harm banal "Nobody makes a delicious tea!".

Manipulation in communication can be stretched in time.To always hold the attention of the attachment used and reminders about their experiences good and expensive gifts, and shifting the responsibility and the pressure of public morality ...

Parents and children

theme of manipulation in the parent-child relationship may not be as topical, but we are all capturedadulthood definition of "baggage" from childhood, and often continue to use techniques learned back in the family.Manipulation harmless when their goal - to feed and bathe the baby in time to the evening without scandal.However, there are certain "taboo" for parents seeking to grow confident in myself and the world around the person.This manipulation of the feelings of love, fear, guilt and self-doubt ("If you do not do as I say, I will give a strange aunt").

At work

Manipulations in business communication are also common and are based on the same arsenal.They use a sense of pride, the vanity of man;can be applied and special tactics.For example, if ignored, is deliberate neglect.Such tactics are aimed at creating a sense of anxiety, uncertainty itself.It can be used motives and tactics that create a positive motivation to perform their tasks by another person.

How to deal

If you think that you are manipulated, and you do not intend to continue to resist, there are a number of recommendations as to resist.First of all, trust your instincts and experience.If you feel that your partner is not quite honest, most likely, you have a reason to.Perhaps it gives facial expressions, changing tone.And if you can imagine that there are second bottom of the suitcase, think about what it all.The inherent characteristics of manipulation in communication - a hidden motive.If it is already clear to you, you can just interrupt you a nasty game, making it clear the person that guessed his intentions.In the case of kith and kin it can be quite painful and fraught with rupture of relations.You can also use to reveal the truth for their own purposes, but it also needs to have a cool head and also be a little manipulator.

Psychologists say that manipulation is a tool of communication, but because of themselves are not "good" or "bad."It is important how they affect your life and the extent to which you can resist them.More information is available at special workshops, training sessions, where practiced skill of protection against manipulation.Those who are just starting to learn about this vast topic, it may be advisable to get acquainted with the work of Eric Berne, who calls the manipulation of "games."It is a psychotherapeutic approach.Among those who rely on the social approach, first of all - local authors AP Egides that offers clear view of the manipulation and how to counteract them.