Manicure bright on short nails (photo)

Manicure can tell a lot about its owner.Well-groomed nails neat indicate that a woman devotes much time to figure, appearance and health.After all, the girl who does not regret the time for such painstaking process, will be able to find it for other important rituals of beauty.

Short or long nails?

This is a common dilemma between practical and feminine versions.Many of the fair sex are sure that beautiful bright nail polish will look stylish only five-centimeter nails.But it is an absolute myth.After all, there are actually a lot of ideas how to decorate a rainbow her short nails.Running the salon while optional.All procedures are easy to replicate at home, the main thing - to stock up on essential manicure set and different colored paints.

no secret that short nails are usually preferred by those women who most of his free time doing homework.From the frequent use of chemical cleaners nail plate becomes thinner and breaks.Therefore, to grow long nails pointless.They also interfere with while working in the office or at the company when you drive a car or do sports.In addition, gradually going out of fashion.Instead, they are short "associates" have become a popular trend, who immediately fell in love with millions of women around the world.

advantages of short nails

First, they are much healthier.A special coating to strengthen their structures you may not need.Even without an additional power supply short nails are beautiful and solid.Secondly, they are very careful.You can safely attend a business meeting or to come to the parent-teacher meeting at school - no one has a question about the relevance of the nails and vulgarity.State reception or a youth party, dinner in the restaurant or gatherings with friends in a pub - Damage short nails manicure, bright and stylish, suitable for any occasion.

Third, dark shades of lacquer, which so popular this season, it looks perfect on small plates.If they put on a grown up large nails, you turn into a wicked witch from a fairy tale.In addition, the modest little marigolds can save considerably.Their coating of lacquer spend less when you make a bright manicure.Photos published in glossy magazines, offer a lot of options for fiscal coloring and demonstrate various ways to affordable care.

manicure on short nails.Step №1

Before you apply varnish, it is necessary to prepare the nail plate.To start a few minutes lose heart in a saucer of warm water or milk - thus the skin to steam the fingers and become pliable.Softened cuticle lift at the base of nails and then carefully otschipnite it.Too much skin cut is not necessary, because you risk injury to your fingers.If the trouble still happened, grease the cuticle hydrogen peroxide and attach a cotton swab.

tweezers also need to remove the horny skin around the nail plate.Then you can give marigolds form.We do this with the help of nail files, strictly adhering to the one direction.Chaotic traffic can damage the structure of the nail, then it will exfoliate and break.Then lubricate the plate and the skin around them vitamin oils, a little massage and degrease the surface of the nail polish remover.The procedure is complete: you are now ready to apply manicures bright paints on her short nails.

coloring options.Step №2

easiest way to do manicures, bright and colorful - put on nails varnishes in different shades.Tone on tone is not in vogue, but the multi-colored rainbow - at the peak of popularity.In order not to overdo it with the palette and not turn into a full manicure tastelessness, mods are advised to choose two favorite polish and apply them one by one on his fingers.

The trend also polka dots and stripes.For the first variant plate paint over a paint, and we put the other point.This should be a small needle: its tip dipped in a colored liquid and lightly touch the claw.If peas are located nearby, get a beautiful flower.

second variant need special interior strips of adhesive tape or ordinary.Using simple device, you can decorate a variety of lines of bright manicure.Photos, description and detailed step by step instructions for beginners easy to find beauty in specialized magazines.This pioneer advised to stay on the simple bands.Those who have already filled his hand, it is possible to dream a little with geometric shapes.To do this, cut out the strips should be chosen design.

always fashionable French manicure

ideal option for those women who used to wear short nails.He not only visually lengthens the plate, but also goes well with any style of clothing and has a simple application technique.When you do a manicure, bright and multicolored, try changing the position of the usual coloring: on the tip of a nail, apply a lighter shade of beige or white, and the remaining part is made colorful by the favorite color of lacquer.

«Moon manicure" - is also a good solution in the short nails.In this case, the tip of the view base: smiling paint the white line, the rest of the surface is covered by any bright varnish.Instead, "colored tunic" use the same color but different shades.The edge of the nail plate painted a darker version, the base - light.It is possible and vice versa.Either the free edge is decorated with sequins, crystals, and drawings, but only on one finger, so as not to spoil the stylish look and turn a beautiful bright manicure on short nails on the tasteless kitsch.

Other options tunic

For example, the "wedding."Style has no limits and allows the imagination to roam to the fullest.Here you can use various ornaments: artistic modeling or dried flowers.Some sophisticated ladies manage to glue on nails or fresh flowers made of polymer clay icons money, butterflies, berries and fruit.In keeping with the style jacket, they make out the tip of the claw: small parts are sealed layer of clear gel is applied to the remainder of the bright lacquer.

interesting color scheme is the "ekstrafrench" when the two halves of the nail painting the motley, often contrasting colors.The basis of style - the line of the free edge of radically different color.For example, the tip - red plate - yellow and strip - a brilliant, golden.Manicure, bright, rainbow, will look perfect on short nails, if experimenting with the "smile".She can give a beveled shape, a crescent shifting left or right.This author chooses colors to your liking.