Capricorn - zodiac sign passionate and icy ...

Capricorn - a rare case of both passionate and cold person to understand and solve is not so simple.He is intelligent and ambitious, always striving for the heights and knows exactly what he wants from life.And in order to achieve its goal of Capricorn does not stop at nothing.Capricorn - zodiac sign that does not forgive mistakes or others, or even more so - to himself.Capricorn - very vicious zodiac sign.Externally, it is closed and the cold, their feelings and emotions rarely shows.And in fact, somewhere deep down, this is a very sensitive and generous people, one might even say - a little bit shy.

Capricorn - zodiac sign that everything is always calculates in advance, but its actions can not be considered prudent, much more thoughtful.He was restrained, has the organizational skills and, as a rule, easily deserves the respect of the people around him.Capricorn - these are the people who will never be put on display their superiority and their minds, but they - perhaps the best professionals in any field, what would choose to exercise their talents.Capricorns can rightly be called intellectuals and really strong personalities who can be excellent managers and irreplaceable performers.

As mentioned, Capricorns - excellent workers with a penchant for leadership.They are smart enough and at the same time patient and correct in order to succeed in any professional field.The greatest success they will achieve by working mathematicians, lawyers, builders, designers, architects and pharmacists.Very rarely parasites, as a rule, they soon become financially independent.

However, such a success in the work is not repeated in the personal life.And blame - the external coldness and isolation of Capricorn.Horoscope Capricorn - an unusually delicate and passionate nature, which can not and does not want to put those qualities on display.And so often it left alone, completely giving himself to the work on which it is not necessary to show their hidden qualities.In life Capricorns often unrequited love, that is.. Due to his passionate nature, they are quite capable of feeling strong and long, and the natural reticence does not allow him to exercise them.

man Capricorn

If you decide that a male Capricorn - zodiac sign that you perfect, it's time to go hunting, because Capricorn is not so easy to find.First, because he is not a fan of secular parties and noisy places, and secondly, because it is extremely difficult to detect.The best places to "hunt" for the Capricorn - a library, a variety of courses and seminars, which he visited with great pleasure.But do not expect that he would affect you.It is always a bit by himself, he does not want the sides to discuss the interesting moments of the workshop - he will discuss them with myself.So you have to take the initiative in their hands and, for example, to ask him a question.But not any - the question must necessarily be intelligent and interesting.And in any case, do not try to make an impression on him silly or intrusive and frivolous person - and that both are equally abhorrent to him.

communicating with Capricorn, we must remember that relations with women Capricorns can be very different from inveterate misogynist up as an inveterate womanizer, me alone clever, beautiful to another.And that his fiancee is clever, beautiful, no doubt.

If you want a man-goat became interested in you, you have to be smart, strong and ambitious woman, worthy of admiration, but remain absolutely natural, attentive and responsive.Agree, it's not so simple.

Capricorn woman

Capricorn woman - as a closed and ambitious nature, like a man-goat.Zodiac sign Capricorn woman gave commitment not only in work but also in personal relationships.Although at first sight for her first career, family of Capricorn woman is no less important.And mind you - it is the family, not feelings, because the family - is a measure of status, and the status is very important for her.That is why female companions of Capricorns are usually held respectable man.It stands firmly on his feet, do not expect it any romantic and passionate impulses.It may well be tender and passionate, but only if her mind tells her that you are the person who suits her.

Capricorn born as bright personality as Moliere and Nostradamus, Adriano Celentano and Vanessa Paradis, Ricky Martin and Dima Bilan.