When to plant sorrel: optimal planting dates

Sorrel regarded as a product which gives a feeling of freshness and joy at the long-awaited arrival of spring.Everyone's favorite green soup, salads, mashed potatoes, both in fresh and in canned form, in addition to good taste, are of great benefit to the human body.Minerals (potassium, iron), the necessary proteins, organic acids (citric, oxalic, malic), carotene and vitamin C - it's a huge wealth by their standards contained in all of the usual green leaf sorrel.

Sorrel: useful properties

After reading this important and useful information possible, everyone wants to get a useful crop.Only many have a question: "When the plant sorrel?"And if the material is supplemented by the fact that the dock - Early vitamin-containing product - used as a hemostatic and choleretic agent, as well as a drug, the effect of which is aimed at the destruction of worms, the normalization of the stomach and improve metabolism, the desire to plant a culture on its six acres increasesat times.

Seeds of sorrel: sowing conditions

When sorrel plant in the open ground?Garden sorrel - a perennial crop, characterized by fleshy root rod, penetrating deep into the soil.His long and large leaves collected in the rosette.Being cold-resistant plant, sorrel in the presence of snow cover can easily withstand frosts.Its seeds have small triangular shape, begin to germinate at a temperature of 3 ° C, and the first shoots appear after two weeks from the date of sowing.By the way, in the amount of 1 gram of seeds varies from 1,000 to 1,500 units.Culture is developing very well in moderate shade.Negatively affects the quality of sorrel hot weather and reduced moisture content;the plant under these conditions develops leaf rosette, determines its speedy unwanted flowering, which normally should take place in the second year after planting.

At one point sorrel can be cultured from 3 to 4 years, but not anymore.Otherwise, the next years will occur sharp reduction in its productivity and product quality deterioration.

Features planting sorrel

There are three optimal time period when the plant sorrel recommended.These are: early spring, summer and fall, closer to winter.When to plant sorrel?In the spring you can plant as the soil ready for processing;while the yield will be received in the same year.In the summer sowing should be carried out after the harvest of vegetable crops early maturity (June-July).In this case, planted sorrel good time to harden before winter to spring next year to please the great harvest.Autumn sowing (which can even be called "podzimnego") held at the end of October - beginning of November with a view to not have time to plant seeds to germinate before the onset of frost stable.Harvest sorrel will also be received in the coming year.In the pre-winter sowing is recommended to fertilize the soil, it is embedded in a shovel manure or compost.Before planting, the soil must necessarily be kept clean, without any hint of the presence of weeds.

Optimal timing for planting sorrel

When to plant sorrel?In the spring and the spring.And very early, yet the land has accumulated enough for germination of moisture.Planting in summer requires regular watering for good quality growth vegetable crops.

Sorrel: growing from seed

When to plant this garden crops, useful and necessary?In addition to the benefits brought by the consumer, sorrel forms at the site of a beautiful green carpet, the most suitable for the soil which is fertile land, moderately humid, with no standing water.Most comfortable feeling in the culture-rich humus loam and drained peat soils.

Knowledge periods when plant sorrel, when sowing of the latter will not be enough to obtain the optimum yield.Consideration should be given proper planting technology such a culture.Seeding is required to produce an ordinary manner, maintaining the distance between rows of 25 cm. 1 meter length of seeding rate - 3 grams.The depth of the seal in this case is 1.5-2.0 cm. After planting, the soil should always be sealed, or just roll on stamp down, providing a chorus of seed germination.Caring for crops is a regular sorrel weeding between the rows, aimed at the removal of weeds.Also, the culture needs constant watering quality and combating possible diseases and pests.In any case, the quality of growing vegetable crops for themselves should determine exactly when to plant sorrel.It is clear from the terms set by agricultural machinery depends on its cultivation, the proper observance of which will give a full and quality crop - the future basis for healthy and nutritious meals.