How to calculate sick leave without errors and problems

How to calculate sick leave?All organizations are faced with the problems of calculation of sickness benefits.Indeed, many employees go to the hospital, which then must be paid.And even now, all calculations are carried out in a special accounting program, you still need to know how to calculate sick leave.

To calculate any benefits need to know the average earnings of an employee, which is calculated by well-known formula: the amount of payments for the previous two years, which were assessed in the FSS must be divided by 730. If you suddenly diseased employee was on maternity leave, itIt can replace these years later, but the most important thing is that these changes have led to an increase in average earnings.

But it is possible that the employee worked in another organization, and you got recently.Here, too, there is no problem.Just need to be based on the reference data on earnings, which is issued to any employee.I would also like to note that the form of this certificate has changed littl

e since the summer of 2013.There have rows for periods of temporary incapacity.If the average daily income of less than the minimum wage, which this year amounts to 5205 rubles, the amount of aid should be calculated from the minimum wage.

Then you need to calculate the employee's pensionable service.To do this, just look at employee work record and count the number of years, months and days of work in total for all the records.And only after that you can correctly calculate sickness benefit.
But this is not so simple.There are two formulas for calculating benefits depending on the length of insurance.How to calculate sick leave in such cases?If the employee insurance period more than six months, the formula and the calculation will be simple.The percentage, which varies depending on the length of service, multiplied by the average salary and the number of days of illness.But do not forget that the average salary should be not less than 151.59 rubles and not more than 1202.74 rubles for 2013.

Now employees with insurance experience at least six months.Keep in mind that there is one limitation.The allowance should not exceed the minimum wage per month illness.For such workers benefit is calculated in the same way as for all, but keep in mind that the average daily wage, multiplied by 60%, should not be more than the minimum wage multiplied by the district coefficient (if applicable in the area), and divided by the number of days in the month disease.And keep in mind that the amount of the benefit is calculated for each month of the disease separately and then these amounts are added.

But do not forget that pay temporary disability benefits you can only if you have hands on sick leave duly completed.How to make sick leave?Here it all depends on the medical organization that provides such documents.From you only need to give the correct name of the company and to pay benefits.

But there is a caveat.How to calculate sick leave during your vacation?If an employee is on vacation and sick at the same time, you have to pay holiday pay and sick leave, and sick days are not considered as a day of leave.But if the medical certificate has been issued at the time of leave to care for a sick child, it is the fault of medical institutions and medical certificate, you do not pay the employee, therefore, does not prolong this period of vacation.