Instruction: how to turn on the keyboard backlight on Asus laptops

Most older laptops do not contain a keyboard backlight, and this is probably the biggest minus producers, because during the night on a laptop just is not possible to fully operate.Currently, the new models began to set on the keyboard backlight, but not many people were able to figure out how to turn on the keyboard backlight, so today I'll describe it.Of course, without a doubt you can say that the illuminated keyboard is a very convenient option, because even in the dark you can work effectively on your device.


If you are looking for a solution how to turn on the keyboard backlight on a laptop Asus, then read the instructions carefully, which we now give to you.I'm sure you know where your keyboard is a special button «Fn», but perhaps you do not know what it is.This key can be attributed to the additional type, but to enable or disable the keyboard backlight on your device, you can with the help of it.In fact, all models of notebooks with this key you'll be good to see the keys even in the dark, so if you are still not working backlit keyboard (notebook Asus, for example), then you should meet with the other proposed options to address this issuewhich will be described below.

special combination

In order to solve the problem, you need to choose the right combination of keys on the keyboard, if the additional button «Fn» failed.You must try ponazhimat all the buttons of the upper row, starting with «F1» and ending «F12».For each additional button you can see a certain value, for example, by means of these switches, you can adjust the volume, adjust the brightness of the screen and make other changes.Rather, additional lighting is located in that row.To learn how to turn on the keyboard backlight on a laptop Asus, you definitely need to experiment.The first thing we press key «Fn», then begin in order to press additional buttons.Pre you can search the overlay icon with the keyboard, but if such a designation you have not noticed, then you should try an experimental way.

Additional features

should also be remembered that while you decide on how to turn on the keyboard backlight on a laptop Asus, you can use other options, for example, turning off the screen or Hibernation.To cancel these operations to work, you just need to press the key combination again and everything will return to their seats.

Without pointer

In some cases, it may be that the image from the keyboard to other keys simply do not have and, having tried all sorts of options, you still could not find out how to turn on the keyboard backlight on a laptop Asus.But if you know exactly what this function on your device is, then do not give up and must try other options.Try a combination of «Fn» plus "Space".Also, the first key can be tested in conjunction with the "right arrow key or« F5 ».If you want to learn how to turn on the backlight of the keyboard (laptop Asus), but it turned out that this option is not available, do not despair.The hands create the necessary lighting can be anyone, of course, you will have it outside, but all the same key you can see fine.In order to achieve a result, you will need to use one or more LEDs.Also need access to the USB interface.You can use only one LED, but in this case, your lights will not see the whole keyboard.

final touch

USB Power provides five volts, and therefore you have to choose the same power and LED.Or simply use a resistor.For example, if you select an LED which requires power 3.5 volts, then select it to 1.5 volts.It is important to remember one more thing.A single LED can not suffice, in which case you need to use multiple.This can be done using a parallel connection.Experts tested in practice, the maximum number of data elements can be connected to one output USB.In total, this number is equal to 25 diodes, so if you want to connect 5, then you can safely do so.If you yourself can not understand how to make hand-illuminated, then it is necessary to turn to professionals who will be able to produce even illumination inside in a notebook, but such services will cost you very dearly.Although in practice the connection is very simple and for the development of such a function you do not need to spend much time.