Unbelievable lucky

Several cases of incredible luck.

Fifth December 1664 off the coast of Wales sank the passenger ship.Killing all crew members and passengers, except one.Lucky called Hugh Williams.

More than a century later, the fifth day of December 1785 at the same place another ship was wrecked.And once again saved the only person by the name of ... Hugh Williams.In 1860, again, the fifth of December here sank a fishing schooner.In survived only one fisherman.And his name was Hugh Williams!


American Alex Heemstra in 1994, at the table of one of the casinos in Las Vegas two times in a row gathered Royal flash.The probability that a Royal flash will be collected in partypoker twice in a row is approximately the same as the probability that the monkey, which will be put at the piano, play a 3 minute excerpt Moonlight Sonata, one to one.


16-year-old American Brian Helsel from Michigan during the raging storms tried to close the window, and at that moment it was struck by lightning.The only damage was a little blackened fingers and a slight tremor in his right hand.

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doctors were of the opinion that if a girl is so lucky, perhaps she should try your luck in the lottery.Brian immediately bought a lottery ticket.Her prize, however, was not so much - only $ 20.But maybe it's for the better.There are many cases when a major win brought its owners only trouble.


Once Todd Endris surfing and shark suddenly attacked him length of almost five meters.Todd knew that board - his last chance for salvation, and clung to her.Shark attack did not stop surfers who began struggling to hit her on the nose with his left foot.He quickly exhausted, and then it's miraculous rescue - Dolphins, who had taken out of nowhere, formed a ring around him, not giving the shark closer.Todd in this environment made it to shore, where he was able to receive first aid.


And finally, it is a fresh case.A resident of England accidentally jackpot sum of one million, three hundred pounds.And there was this nice event, while her husband enthusiastically watched "Euro-2012".

Briton just bored and decided herself something to do, for the first time went to the site of bingo games and put 5 pounds.A couple of seconds it became clear that it has become a millionaire.

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