Deviant behavior and crime

We all know who are the deviants, or at least think we know.And we know, at least in general terms, about deviant behavior.

deviants - those individuals who refuse to live by the rules, which are followed by most of us.This is the "bottom of the people" whose behavior does not fit into what most defines as normal acceptable standards.Illustrative examples are alcoholism, crime, drug addiction as a form of deviant behavior, etc.

However, the reality is not always such, as it seems, that it teaches sociology.The term "deviant" is not amenable to precise definition.

all know that human social life is controlled by rules or regulations.Our lives would be in chaos failed, if we had not adhered to the rules defining certain behaviors as acceptable in certain contexts, while others - as unacceptable.Organised traffic on streets and roads would not be possible if the drivers do not abide by the rules.Perhaps some believe that the road may not be deviant, except that extremely drunk or reckless driver.But

if you really think so, then deeply mistaken.Deviant behavior is not uncommon.Most drivers are not only deviants but are criminals.Because if you can not see nearby police car, nearly all of them regularly exceed the speed limit.

Are we conformists, and as rights violators.We all also create its own rules.Drivers, of course, often breaking the law on the roads, but in reality, they create their own informal rules, as opposed to legal.If the upper limit permitted by law to speed on the highway - 70 miles per hour, the majority of drivers still try not to exceed the 80 miles or so, and, passing through the city, slow down.

Conventional rules of acceptable and unacceptable violations of traffic also varies.So, severnoevropeytsev that their cars are on the roads of the south of Italy, sometimes his hair stands on end, so there are careless drivers for any traffic rules.In Brazil, traffic lights and other road signs are perceived less as a ban, but as a suggestion.Motorcyclists in Rio de Janeiro did not stop going through a red light if there is no oncoming cars.If the main street crosses the minor, the driver who is the main, never stop, let them show the signals of traffic.If someone leaves with a secondary street, he has to honk or flashing lights to warn other drivers.

When we begin to study the deviant behavior, you should know what people adhere to the rules and which are prone to break.No one breaks all the rules, just as no one does not adhere to all the rules.

Even individuals who seemed to completely break with the rules of decent society, such as bank robbers, probably follow the rules, which are organized gang to which they belong.Some groups with dubious reputations have a strict code of conduct mandatory for their members;those who violate the Code or punished or expelled.

Deviant behavior and its study - one of the difficult areas of sociology.This science says that none of us can not be considered normal, as we would like.It also helps to understand that people whose behavior may seem incomprehensible or aloof, actually act as a fully rational beings.

studying the theory of deviant behavior, we need to pay attention to public power, as well as the influence of the class division of society into rich and poor.When we consider the deviation of public policy or rules or conformist behavior according to them, we should always ask ourselves: "Whose are the rules?" And the answer is simple: "Social norms are very dependent on the division into classes, and the attitude towardspower. "