How do you know whether your pet likes.

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Love - a wonderful feeling about that dream of all people on earth.However, sometimes it happens that you meet a person, and understand whether there is love (especially at a young age, when these feelings come first), - very hard.This article will deal with this problem.


the simplest rule for men to learn how to love you love you - just look at her attitude.Do not even figuring in some nuances out of the picture, you can make simple conclusions about the feelings a person eats.Constant bickering, nitpicking, jealousy - it is not love.But trust, honesty and tenderness - the fact that you need.However, relations are of little things: you have to watch how she reacts to a particular situation.It is often for some reason ladies can portray love, and reveal such intent here is possible in the most simple and small things.For example, if a guy accidentally torn notebook girl, and she looked at him "After all the dogs", remembering wrongs of the past - it is hardly love.A man who loves never make suffer their second half, especially on such trifles.


Another way to find out whether your favorite loves: to see how the girl caring.If you love a person, it will not care what he's wearing, whether dressed for the weather and how it is currently hungry.It's those little things that reveal the essence of a caring relationship.My favorite will always ask, how did you sleep, whether to do all your homework and as a result, if you need something to help without any excuses.But there is another side of a caring relationship when the girl simply imposed with your questions.Do not be offended, just as some people show their feelings, they are so accustomed to.It also says that the guy likes a girl and constantly worried about him.


How do you know whether you love love, you can learn how closely she communicates with the other guys.Girls who love the feeling of pure, never be flirting with other members of the stronger sex and provoke their relations (option: evil beloved in front of him - does not count).Moreover, the girl who has a loved one, will never go with another guy on a date, even though it will be different.After all, everyone knows that the friendship between a boy and a girl does not exist.Always someone is secretly in love with one of his friend, or it's just a former lovers, who can come together again.


also worth remembering that the most beloved woman will always choose chat with their favorite in the situation if, for example, in the alternative, you can go for a walk with her friends.However, there is also a certain nuances: a girl like a guy, you need to give a bit of freedom, relaxation of relations.So if she chooses a date with a guy, although she could pass an evening of fun in a circle of classmates or classmates, favorite better still change their plans and allow the girl to rest in female company.Also, do not require the full attention of the girl to his person.It is important to remember that she has friends, relatives and perhaps the labor circle of friends, which also needs to be given enough time.

Pleasant words and deeds

Another option is to find out whether your favorite loves: listen to it.About her feelings she will always say.Only the guys try to hide them.So if a girl says the three main words: "I love you" - why not believe it?Besides pet can often compliment her boyfriend, praise him for various things, positively evaluate his behavior.With regard to actions, it is generally a separate issue.For the sake of man a woman is ready to go to great lengths.However, not all men notice it.For example, if the lady occasionally arranges romantic dinners, tries in the house (if the couple have lived together) maintain order - is not proof of love?After all, these little things goes a huge amount of time that you can spend a lot more fun.Do not wait for the woman that she would miss the stars from the sky for the sake of his beloved - this is the concern of men.The woman just can make the life of his beloved a simple, convenient and comfortable to the max.


Also, beloved may from time to time, regardless of holidays, make your man gifts.It also says that it feeds to a guy strong feelings.So, even a little note on the paper in the form of serdechkaostavlennaya somewhere in a secluded place, or mind - is proof of this.Among other things, she can write letters or poems loved doing it little romantic gifts, though not expensive - it's a manifestation of this light feeling as love.


I should say that my girlfriend will know that it likes the guy.If the relationship is quite long - something that does not like.Love will be manifested in the fact that the lady will try as best we can to care for themselves (it is no secret that men love with their eyes), try to correct the problem areas pointed to the guy.A man's worth to appreciate, because women recognize their problems are often very hard, and try to work on them at times even harder.


If a man asks: "Does He loves my wife?" - Is just to look at her usual mood.If the lady loves her husband from work to be greeted with a smile and accompany with a shadow of sadness that I have to leave.No need to also exclude kissing, hugging, who are also an important element of family life.If the constant scandals in the house, carping and omissions, love can not speak and is good to reflect on such relationships.The same applies to pairs of lovers who have not yet reached the stage of cohabitation.If a girl meets a guy happily, regardless of the situation and the mood of the former, do not doubt - this is love.


In any relationship, the main thing - trust.If a hundred times a day she calls (favorite) to the guy to find out where and with whom it is, it can hardly be called love.It is likely, painful love, or something even worse.So, a man who truly loves, will be fully believe and trust your partner in any situation.They say, "Trust, but verify."It is, however, this should be done very delicately, very rarely, in the most extreme cases.


Another sure way to know whether she loves the guy.Ask if she knows about his hobbies.For example, it can tell a lot.Favorite sure from time to time the girl is telling something about his hobby.If the lady is not only to listen carefully but also hears delving into the meaning of the words, it means that she does not care, then we can say that the girl is good to guy.If the woman from time to time can easily go with the favorite, for example, in football, especially not knowing and not being interested in the sport, - it is exactly love.

Secrets, plans, desires

man who loves really, is always open for their halves.In these respects there is reticence, the secrets, mysteries.The girl is no problem to tell the boy about his most intimate, about their everyday concerns, do not hesitate to her tears.Also, a girl who loves to share plans for the future with her lover, not hiding from it.The same is true desires: just loved the lady has to say about their most secret desires.And who, if not him?

Relationship with close

Well, the latest advice on how to find out whether she likes the guy: ask to introduce you to the people dear to her (if it has not happened yet).If a woman loves, she will do it without problems and delays.If you start any excuses, omissions or prevarication, is wary.This may mean that she is not as serious about the guy, to acquaint him with their relatives and close friends.