Comic nomination for rewarding friends, colleagues , children during cheerful events

at corporate parties are actively used for comic nomination ceremony.They defuse the situation, to make the event a festive mood.Nominations for awarding can reflect personality traits are awarded, his business acumen, or rely on any unit, but a well-known case.

Commemorative statues

awards for comic uses a variety of ways: funny awarded certificates in that, in order to make them more personal, funny photographs pasted nominated, homemade medals or statues of the "Oscar".

name of nominations to be awarded a statuette of a cat can be one of the following: "cat walks by himself" - the golden statue;"Cat, walking alone ..." - silver statuette;"Cat, walking ..." - Bronze Award;"Cat" - a porcelain prize.

Figurines for service is easy to buy in the shops.But you can make them yourself from salty dough polymer clay or plaster.In rare cases, you can resort to even plasticine.

Medals humor

Medals can also be ordered in special places, and can be made of cardboard, plaster, polymer clay, clay, foil candy, salty dough.

With regard to the date of delivery of medals here instead of twine perfect tape, bandages, even tights - it all depends on what was the reason for the award.

If the nomination for the award of the Medal concern that the staff will gladly and quickly assists colleagues, the medal can be called "the best workers ambulance" and hang it on the bandage.If you give a girl trapped once again in trouble when during the workday, she absent herself in the store for purchase of tights, a medal hanging from it by using this accessory, it will be seen by all with enthusiasm.It is important, however, be sure that the girl herself will not be offended and will accept this moment with humor.

Diplomas to be awarded

often used for the delivery of letters to the nomination of rewarding employees humorous, such as "diploma awarded to the best generator of creative ideas for innovations on the use of a natural pond in the yard, in common parlance - puddles as minipool. "These certificates can be issued on other occasions: in the original use of a screwdriver as a corkscrew or a stack of documents instead of a pillow.Of course, these texts should also be applied only to people who can laugh at themselves without irritation and other negative feelings.

Funny nomination for rewarding friends

you fit the category of the comic series "Miss Grace," "Mr. Know-All," "Mrs. Kompromissis" and others.To be used as awarding certificates and diplomas and statuettes.

Prizes in these categories can be purchased in stores or make your own.Very cool can happen, if the source material is taken from a series of children's dolls Barbie and Ken.For example, the statue of "Miss Grace", which is awarded the most charming lady in a team, you can make a doll, decorating her belt with an appropriate inscription.


certificates can be used to cool the nomination ceremony, giving creative license.Man, once staged a miniature fire in the ashtray, you can issue a document certifying that he - fire.A lover of cats will be nice to get a certificate that it is - a professional, specialist of high level of the World Organization koshkolyubov them.Kuklachev.Such a nomination may be used for awarding both adults and children.

Assigning authorship

use in awarding the document that assigns the authorship - a variant of cool awards.You can use the favorite phrase of individuals, such as: "I confirm the copyright in the catch phrase" I'm busy that l do not see? ".From now on all who have encroached on the intellectual property and use the expression without permission, he must pay a fine of 50 cents in foreign currency at the current rate. "

Rewarding children

Holidays guys also suggest the awarding of prizes, medals, statuettes, diplomas and certificates.In addition, fun activities, you can choose kings and queens.Children's nomination to be awarded may be very different.

«King in the nomination" The most mysterious man holiday "becomes Stas Yakovets!He put forth on morning (or guessed) the greatest number of puzzles.So he put up on the head of the royal crown and given the status of King Riddle! »

may be elected to Queen's smile, charm, and wisdom of the King's genius, visionary or Chipsoed.A contest preceding the award of the King Chipsoeda, will like the absolute majority of those present, because it involves the eating portion of the rate so beloved children chips.

Besides the well-known prizes, are perceived very positively shirts with unique labels, which you can either order, or make your own.

It is important that the nomination for the prize-giving or rewarding memorable or valuable gift enjoyed by the audience, and family, and the most rewarding.Do not laugh at a man with a sore ego and no sense of humor, so as not to offend him, and not to cause emotional trauma.