How to make a description of the man?

often give students an interesting homework: write a description of a person.What should it include?There should be information on the appearance of man, his face, body, gestures, posture, manners and clothes.

What is important in the description?

main objective when writing such works - to notice something interesting, unusual, original in the described subject.This may be due to the peculiarities of gestures, gait, look, work and occupation, with a certain mood and character traits.All this is reflected in the appearance of the subject.The painter is different from a photographer?His aim was to transfer all of the most significant, in his view, in the person.Shkolnik also do not have to tell everything, but only that, from his point of view, this distinguishes the person from the crowd, a testament to its originality, best characterizes it.Details of the person should be interesting.This is a very important point.

Why be useful to describe?

work on the description of a man bearing fruit: the student becomes more considerate, empathetic towards people, his vocabulary is replenished "portraits" words that he used to almost never used in conversation.During the creative process of the students understand how, through the story of the appearance can be sent information about the human soul, to express their own opinion about it.Among other things, describing the appearance of a subject, the student is preparing for the creation of works-features.This will help him in the future.It should be understood that the description of the person requires a serious approach.Do not treat it as something unimportant.

What may sound complicated?

Descriptions can be both complex and simple.It all depends on what they are and who their hero.Of course, it is easier to describe the appearance of the child or young person, than a mature man.It is difficult to talk about the appearance of the subject that is in some kind of an unusual condition - he is afraid of laughing, wondering, work, in a hurry, and so on. D. The main thing that you need to in this case (and it turns out not all pupils) - is to pass the changes in appearanceperson at that time.It really seems to many complicated.Consider the examples describe a person.

example works: description younger sister

"My younger sister named Tanya. She is now a year and seven months. Not long ago, Tanya was still a tiny creature who constantly demand something: something in his hands, then sleep, then eat.Baby often in tears, painfully react to sharp sounds. Her expression was peaceful only in those moments when she was sleeping. Then Tanya looked like a doll lying in a stroller: rosy cheeks, mouth-open, relaxed arms and legs. "

This description clearly enables a person to imagine a little girl.

"As time went on. And now rosy doll grew up, and now she willingly go to the contact with others and clearly positive for them is. Tanya - an independent girl. She is not yet able to fully help around the house, but now wants to take partMinister for themselves. The girl always rejoices the arrival of guests, showing off her dolls. And everyone who visits our humble abode, is delighted with it.

Now Tanya charming blue eyes, bushy little dark cilia, puffy lips, slightly raised edge. The hair is still quite short, but you can collect them in tails. Their color - light red. We can say that it is a characteristic description of the Russian people, in this case, girls. Tanya huge number of various rezinochek. The girl really like it when itbraid. Now it sarafanchik thin lemon-colored. On her feet slippers. It is necessary in order to prevent the development of flatfoot.Baby growing fashionistas.She loves to put on my shoes and clothes.I have a wonderful sister, the whole family in her doted ".

example works, describing the portrait of A. Rubinstein

" portrait, which depicts Anton Rubinstein, Russian composer, conductor and musician of the European values ​​createdin 1881.An impressive figure given the man from the waist up.Rubinstein hands folded on his chest.He has a pretty big head with a volumetric hair.The figure of the composer, of course, a stout, but he gives the impression of vibrant choleric, teeming with life.On the face can be seen pronounced creases his lips, slightly drooping eyelids and inquisitive, hard, close look, which seems to be at the same time pointing inward.And those eyes, and pretty strong-willed outline lips and head, and crossed arms, and shoulders - all indicates that this person has an inner core that it is difficult to break.What else can you say about Rubinstein?Looking at his hands, you realize that it is currently collected, concentrated on some of his thoughts.But the most striking, of course, luxuriant hair, which, as it may seem, raised the inspiration ".

Now you know how to make the description of the portrait rights. It may seem complicated, but if you want it available to everyone.