How to invent a puzzle by yourself?

Riddle - a great invention of the human mind.It helps to search and find the relationship between objects, show attention to detail, to look at familiar things from a different angle.This tiny little problem teaches us to think, feel fine language and a deeper understanding of the world around us.Most adults believe that the puzzle - it's fun for children.However, should train the brain at any age - even for the prevention of dementia.How many people's problems were you able to recall immediately?10?20?Surely, this will be the most famous.But thousands of puzzles!In addition, they can be themselves and to compose.

How to invent a puzzle?Let us give a few tips.


For starters we recommend to save material for observation.To begin to do, you need to familiarize yourself with how it is done by other authors.Grab collection of puzzles in a long journey at sea or in the country.Solve them as a family, discuss how they are successful, admire the people's (or writer's) wisdom, good comparison.

  • slider crawls, needles luck.(Hedgehog).
  • Copper demon climbed on the table.(Samovar).
  • All feed from the hunt, but she bezrotaya.(Spoon).

Note that the same object or phenomenon can be described in very different ways.For example, a dream.

  • and army, and the governor - all tumbled down.
  • What is sweeter than anything in the world?
  • not knock, do not bryaknet and for every suitable.

How to invent a puzzle-comparison?

To compose a simple task, you learn to find the properties of the object and compare it to these qualities with other objects (phenomena).Very convenient to fill a small table.



What is it like?


on the stove


at the apple, dandelion


on the ball, a wheel, a stone, a ball, a head


on fire

Combining these data, you can:

hot as an oven.
Golden, like a dandelion.
round like a wheel.
bright as fire.

Try it - it's a fascinating process!

How to invent a puzzle, if the object or phenomenon has distinct features?Ask yourself: "What can he do?Who else does that? ยป


What does?

What (who) look like?





oppression trees

on giant


to Nightingale the Robber

Here's what happened:

flying like a bird.
howls like a wolf.
whistling as Nightingale the Robber.
oppression of the trees, like a giant.

Another option - use adversative alliances and negation:

flies, but not a bird.
howls, but not a wolf.
whistles, but not the Nightingale the Robber.
oppression of the trees, but not giant.

How to invent a puzzle "in reverse"?

We will continue to draw word pictures, but apart from similarities find characteristic differences of the subject or phenomenon from others.For example, a cloud - white as wool, but did not take up.Fog - gray as the very old man, but does not tell the tale.Luna - delicious, like a cheesecake, but not bite.



What (who) look like?

What can be done?

What is the difference?



but without a tail


to ram

but not gore

the plane


but sits on the leaves of the trees



yes bite


winged like a bird, but without a tail.
Horned like a sheep, but no gore.
fly like an airplane, but sits on the leaves of trees.
buzzing like a bee, but do not bite.

Consider the parts and the whole

What can be more difficult to come up with a riddle?Let's bring on the help of mathematics!Consider the human body.From which parts of it consist of?One tongue, lips, one mouth, two eyes, ears, a pair of arms and legs.As a people is reflected in folklore?

One talker,
other Whistler
The third edun.
Two brothers Vydac,
And two - slyshaki,
two runners,
Yes, two brothers-catch.

And now this principle invent puzzles themselves.


Names of

How many of them?

What is it like?

What is it?



ring plate, drying, saucer, sun



forks, tongs, horns



hump camel, chair



step, stirrup step

himself sitting on a chair,
leg - on the steps,
grabbed hold of the pitchfork.
Two plates like rocket rush.

We gave a few examples.Of course, most of them hardly ever get into folklore or copyright collections, but we do not claim it.The main thing - it's a fun diversion is extremely useful as the kindergartners and younger students.Certainly, in the course of the game together with your child you will have your own techniques and artistic discoveries.