Laptop Lenovo IdeaPad Z500

laptop Lenovo IdeaPad Z500 still has a high popularity among the customers, as this device has a low cost, excellent technical data as well as terrific ergonomics.However, if you pay attention to the design of this notebook model, then we can immediately identify a lot of minuses.One can say that the new Z series has not received from the manufacturers of a unique design, so potential customers who chose a laptop may not even notice these devices.Therefore, it will be possible to predict what may, Lenovo will change its decision and to reconsider the design registration of these notebook models.


Specifications Lenovo IdeaPad Z500 has a lot of positive moments.But let's just start with the design.Laptop Lenovo IdeaPad Z500 is subtle and productive laptop.This, of course, not ultrabook having an enlarged body, this fact should in theory attract even more new customers.Of course, now there is already a lot of similar notebooks from other manufacturers, so the decision can not be lead to another.About half a year ago, various manufacturers have begun to produce thin and notebook performance while started a real surge of customers, because everyone wanted to get a slim device.Even to this day, this type of laptops is available, but already has a modernized form.Of course, the largest and most popular manufacturers of thin and modern notebooks set a high value on their equipment accordingly, not everyone has the opportunity to acquire a customer such a device.


Today you can find affordable options for thin notebooks multimedia class, example is ASUS K56, but as a rule, these devices are built on a platform that is designed for ultrabooks.On the one hand, this has positive aspects, as the processor will have a low heat dissipation, respectively, can be identified that would be required for the cooling system is strong, so the housing can be made as thin as possible.On the other hand, there are significant disadvantages, such type of class notebooks will be of little use to perform important tasks that require a lot of resources, for example, on the device in the new 3D-games to play had not come out.


At the moment of Lenovo in the new Z series present two models, and accordingly, this Z400, which has a screen of 14 inches, and the Lenovo IdeaPad Z500, which has a larger screen - 15.6 inches.Also we have to sell out modifications, which are equipped with touch screens.Model Z500 can be directly attributed to the average consumer class type, so the production is produced only two types of models with medium or high productivity.Manufacturers can set the processor as the Core i5, and i7, but the total heat they do not exceed 35 watts.The memory capacity of eight gigabytes, and set a capacious hard drive.In the first batch of laptops this model sets a discrete graphics card, it is mandatory equipment.The first batch of laptops received the video card GeForce GT 635M, but experts recommend choosing a second packaging, where the graphics card is installed GeForce GT 645M, since it is based is already installed the new chip GK107, which is more economical and has high performance.


The laptop Lenovo IdeaPad Z500 is also present, and the optical drive.Perhaps the greatest disadvantage of this model is that it has a non-removable battery, which has a standard capacity of 48 W / h.Also turned his attention to the interface, you can see that it was cut, because there is only one audio output and three USB.The screen of the laptop is a budget, with a resolution of 1366 x 768, and the keyboard does not have a backlight, built-in speaker is present only two.In general, you can determine what a budget multimedia model that logically attributed to the average level, but in a thinner package.


laptop Lenovo IdeaPad Z500 has a variety of reviews, you'll find as a negative opinion and positive.Many users were unhappy because they believe that it was possible to create a model of a thicker, but also more productive.Of course, the company can not please everyone can, but we think that in the future it will work on my mistakes.If you read about the Lenovo IdeaPad Z500 Review, then you can understand that he is superficial, but we have tried today to bring all positive, as well as moments of losing the device.Finally we should say a few words about the manufacturers - a Chinese computer corporation.Joined the company in Singapore.If we talk about the headquarters of the brand, it is located in Percheyze and main operational offices - in the Beijing and Raleigh.Research centers are located in Raleigh, Shenzhen, Shanghai and Beijing.