What kind of rocks in the sea there?

Children mystery about what the stones in the sea is not known for almost everyone.The sea is washed with water, and then one answer: dry.But there is always the one who starts to analyze the issue.He is trying to penetrate its essence, to give a detailed answer.Can I do this?

Just a stone

aside the philosophical interpretation of the stone, which defines it as a base, something about it, you can say: solid fossil.You can define and articulate.Stone - this body, which is composed of a plurality of minerals of different composition and properties.

Keep in mind that they are natural and artificial.Last done in the factory, grown in laboratories.Other types are the same, even in the human body.

As examples of precious stones can cause artificial brick, tile and more.In most cases they have been used in construction.

to create jewelry and heavy-duty tools specially made gems.Without them it is impossible to do in many industries and even in medicine.

In the body, the stones are formed in the kidney and gall bladder.They had not specifically grow, but to prevent their occurrence is not always possible.

Surely someone has already managed to throw in a wave of fragments of brick or hardened epoxy resin.On the shore naplakal bathers who lost stones of his jewelry.And as for the oxalate and urate do not want to even talk - many uncultured vacationers use the sea as a public restroom.

But even if you are asked about what the stones do not have the sea, and you say, "artificial" or "kidney stones", that would be wrong.

sea itself creates stones

total on Earth 4 63 Sea and ocean.Certainly part of the stones that are in them, include the whole periodic table.

Sea itself is able to do them.Coral grows, dies - and that the new stone.Brought a storm in the sea water tree trunk, it is soaked with water, he sank to the bottom.Centuries passed.If a barrel is now raised from the water, you will not understand, it is a tree or a stone, so it became hard.

all drowned in the sea shells and objects grows gradually transformed into stones.If you remove the top layer of petrified to try to break the impregnated silicon substrate, probably, it can be determined that a previously represented the stone.And the question about what the stones in the sea there can be paraphrased as follows: "There just is not the stones in the sea!"

Sea reveals the secrets

Some, when asked about what the stones in the sea there is, say, "Natural diamonds. Yes, there are lost bathers jewels and treasures, trapped under water after the wreck. But diamond deposits are found in estuaries,as evidenced by numerous scientific treatises and works of famous novelists such as Jack London. "

answer "natural diamond" is outdated.Diamond placer found on the African coast and in the waters of the Mediterranean Sea.Currently, they are actively developing.Hence, such stones like diamonds in the sea there.

One of the most unexplored mineral composition is relatively shallow Black Sea.This is due to the fact that its bottom is constantly rising mass of hydrogen sulfide, which do not allow geologists to know the exact composition of minerals bottom.All opinions of scientists based on the study of depth to 200 m. But we already know that the stones of the Black Sea - is not only the lime deposits and sandstone.Under the sea waters found deposits of titanium and tungsten, small deposits of diamonds and iron ore.Some of them are already being developed, others are just waiting for their turn.

But we can say for sure, even if under a layer of hydrogen sulfide and there is some unknown mineral, it is sure to be wet.

lovers to penetrate the essence of things to a question about what the stones in the sea there, still have to be satisfied with the answer: "Dry!ยป