Amazing Sun - the fall of what it?

For example, a large summer sun and hot.He's always in a good mood.It aims to endow each of its life-giving warmth.In winter, the snow shone hiding behind the clouds, as if saving his strength.And what is the sun in the fall?What is it this time of year?Let us remember.

What autumn sun

So the summer has gone into oblivion.The time has come Tucek, rain, gently rolling to cold.Remembered?Imagine that we thought for a moment and raised his eyes to the luminary.The sun autumn ... What it wants!After a bright summer so lacking warmth.This drawback sometimes felt stronger than hunger.Because it tends to rays literally our entire body.Every cell longs for the gentle rays.

Yet it is sad!Why is that?Simply Sun is distant from the Earth.This distance, which we experience a decrease in the intensity of the heat, it perceives differently.It seems that it misses the green for the planet.Luminary lacking light of its inhabitants.And in the gloomy and cloudy day that comes to mind?Sun in autumn what?Delightful!It will look out for Tucek, like a smile on his face naughty child.Just want to live and work.That's really coming autumn to winter.Wander the dark days of continuous succession.And it seems that the world has forgotten about the autumn sun."What is light?"- You ask.- "We have forgotten what it looks like."So autumn sun greedy?It is so rare to us looks.Or is tired, he needs rest.

Sunrise autumn

When tired of summer work light is his face - a real treat.It is not throwing in the gentle nature of the attack on all of its rays.It reviews the results from the height of his past work.We are looking into every corner of the Earth estimates that require urgent intervention, and where you can not appear.You do not pay attention, that the sun will come out sometimes for a moment, and does not appear all day.This means that the nature of his greatness now do not need.A There were days when it takes almost a summer activity.So decided not finalized.Nature needs in his life-giving energy.Autumn light important rolls out over the horizon.It radiates not only energy, but also the long-standing works of satisfaction.Yes, a little bit of sadness indispensable separation.

Sunset autumn

Daily separation from the luminary like a break with a loved one.There is no certainty that it will come back tomorrow.The sun may be offended by something different, just hidden behind the clouds.How capricious diva - went backstage and does not go to the applause.So it leaves the ground under the cover of the atmosphere.Maybe a long and leisurely atmosphere subservient to leave open spaces.Leaving, it views nature as a prudent owner, make plans for tomorrow.

autumn our star becomes pretentious and important.It gives all affection summer.Now he needs to rest and attention.So it is going to notice?In summer, people complain about the heat, capricious and cussing.Where does their anger fall?At that time everyone falls in love with the occasional ray, quickly learned to be grateful for each visit a great light.Tenderness it especially beautiful in the fall!