Altai (mountains): the height of the main peaks and ridges

Siberian Alps Russian Tibet - so call it an amazing place.Altai Mountains, a photo of which is amazing, no wonder included in the UNESCO list.And not only tourists admire the pristine beauty of this region, for the indigenous inhabitants it is also the one and only.

Altai (mountains): altitude and main ridges

Altai Mountains are a complex system of ridges located on the territory of several states.Russian them are located in the Altai Krai and Altai Republic.This is the highest part of Siberia, which attracts with its austere beauty and snow caps.Travelers, scientists, tourists, climbers, painters, photographers, and pilgrims come here every year.

Altai - the mountains, the height of which is different.Imperial is a Katun ridge: it tops the average rise in the 3200-3500 meters above sea level.Outwardly, it resembles the Alps: the sharp peaks, steep slopes, large glaciers and eternal snow.That is why this part of the system most frequently visited.In addition, there is Belukha - the highest of the mountains (4506 m) - and the many picturesque lakes.

Beluga and Altai (mountain): height and legends

This peak is considered to be not only a stunning monument of nature, but this sacred region.It is interesting that it was removed at equal distances from the Indian, Pacific and Atlantic oceans, being the geographical center of Eurasia.It is surrounded by glaciers, which originates Katun River.Locals say many centuries the mountain refuge of evil spirits, punishing anyone who violates their peace.Buddhists also believe that somewhere out there, on the top is fabulous Shambhala.

name vertex received because of its ever-white cover.Although Beluha conquered many times, it is difficult to access, and the seismic activity is quite high.In 1997, in the vicinity of the mountain opened up the natural park.

Chui Ridge

Not only these proud peaks of the Altai.Mountains, the height of which is not much lower Chui up the ridge.In fact, the two chains - South and North.The first is located away from the famous tourist centers, inaccessible to transport wild.The highest point - the peak Iktu (3941 m).Another - more developed, because there are not only of high mountains, and colorful meadows, lakes, rich flora and fauna.Here is the second highest peak in the system - Maashey-Bashi, 4137 meters - that is the height of the mountain.Altai in this part at all rich in huge peaks that attracts mountaineers.

Other notable peaks

This is another interesting tip of the Golden Mountain, which rises to 1210 meters total.It is the highest mountain ridge Kolyvanovskogo.Climb it, you can see the fantastic scenery: Kulunda steppe, the famous pine forest, blue-eyed lakes, and snow-capped mountains.Fir forests on the slopes of Sinyuha gave it an unusual color, which formed the basis of names.It is also sacred to the inhabitants of these places, and on the northern slope there is a healing power.

Altyn-Tu is located next to Lake Teletskoye, especially revered by locals.Beautiful views of the river to give its peak thunderbolt, which is near the lake Aya.Tourists do not miss and small rocks of fantastic shapes - Big monastery (near the village of Ust-Pustynki) Castle Mountain Spirits (Akkainsky Pass), Stone mushrooms (at Teletskoye Lake) and many others.

Altai region - it is a wonderful place on earth!