Shrubby willow: chips can also be a tree

Once or popularly known as willow!Willow, willow, wicker, willow ... All these names refer to the same plant family of Willow.On a beautiful tree stack songs about him are legendary.Ivushki usually prefer damp places, but there are those that grow in dry areas or in the woods among other trees.In general, all willows are divided into two main types: tree and shrub.Recent often called willow.That is the name most often found in crossword puzzles, and Crossword puzzle ("shrub willow - 7 letters").But the willow - just one of the beautiful species of shrub willow family.

shrub willow

Despite the common name, the plants are very diverse.Willow branches weave baskets, make furniture, carved merry wicker crafts.Some tree species grow so fast that the germ planted in the ground can only grow over the summer up to three meters.Shrubby willow extremely tenacious.She first moved to the conflagration, readily grows along roadsides, near the railroad tracks and the river dried up.Shrubby willow can "live" in the mountains, the Arctic, in the far north - wherever there is even a small piece of land.Some bushes are quite high.It Salix viminalis (it - belotal, kuzovitsa or vine), yellow willow (shelyuga), bilberry willow.They grow throughout Eurasia, but very high never become, but grow up to one meter.However, these types of plants are the most interesting.


Rockies America, our Siberia in the Arctic and other cold regions is growing, perhaps the most unique shrub willow.They call it a dwarf, but even that word is an exaggeration.Growth adult Ivushki sometimes no more than 2.5 centimeters.Interestingly, the leaves and they may be the same size.The same is the tiny little shrub willow mesh.It grows in the Arctic tundra and easily takes root in the Stone, adjacent to lichens.This kind of love deer.In summer, they are happy to feed on the leaves, and in winter are dug out of the snow frozen branches.

Decorative willow

  • Goat Willow.It is derived specifically for landscaping.In early spring willow appear on long, silvery-smelling blossoms in spring catkins.After a warm winter, they appear at the end of March.
  • Willow loholistnaya spring pleases surrounding soft pearl-gray leaves.Only in mid-summer foliage turns the usual green.
  • There willow shrubs that retain a smoky color foliage until the autumn.This silver and creeping willow Salix lanata.
  • Alpine willow blooms even before the leaves appear in it.This shrub is perfectly feels on stony slopes, so it can often be found between large boulders alpine.
  • Sakhalin willow in Germany called dragon tree of quaint, winding, snake-like shoots.

The park design is used not only shrubs and willows are found among not only the baby.For example, white willow grows up to 25 meters, and it can often be found in the classic parks.Huge branches can completely replace the gazebo.