Seven things that make you over

And do not think that the list is limited to smoking and the long sunny baths.Squander your beauty and youth of the right and left may be quite harmless at first glance classes.You do not even suspect what was going on.So, your behavior can be regarded as a crime against their own youth, if you ...

1. Drink cocktail through a straw.

his lips?Erotic, but harmful - because of a facial expression around the mouth appear small luchevidnye wrinkles.They are quite noticeable and difficult to correct.Same effect as smoking.

2. Do not understand the true signs that feeds your skin.

example, your cheeks are constantly redden like poppies, although they no blush grams.What does it mean?The skin is weakened!Sometimes this inherited trait, but more often - the result of sun exposure or stress.In the future, the picture is complicated by the appearance of wrinkles and increased lesions.

Watch closely for changes appearance.And in the case of an unhealthy glow avoid anything that provokes flushing: the sun, spicy foods, alcohol, caffeinated beverages.Try to drink plenty of cool water.Once a week to do a soothing mask.If redness persists, consult a dermatologist - he will pick up treatment for the normalization of the blood vessels.

3. neglects sunglasses and do not wear gloves.

And they should always be with you!Always wear sunglasses in the sun.Choose glasses bigger.From the narrow little use.They do not cover the most sensitive area - around the eyes.Be sure to use means with SPF-filters (including make-).

Gloves - is also an important protection from sun and wind.Neglect it - is like saying wrinkles, age spots and "Tsipko": "Welcome."

4. Often use radically intensive scrub.

mercilessly otshelushivaya her poor skin more than 1 time per week, you damage the epidermis, weakening its protective function.This is followed by pimples, irritation, peeling, uneven tanning and other troubles.

Be careful with foods that include fruit acids, if you have sensitive skin.Choose tools with abrasive particles average.After peeling necessarily Use a good moisturizer.If you have dry skin will suit those containing olive oil or shea butter, with fat - fat-free formula with hyaluronic acid.

5. Actively involved person in the conversation.

Illustrate facial expressions emotions - hurt inflate sponge toss surprise or displeasure eyebrow wrinkle nose - lovely habit confer charisma and charm.And all would do, had they not sad consequences in the form of wrinkles.If you do not want in the near future to resemble the face on a baked apple, take the following measures:

▪ When talking on the phone, stick on the forehead between the eyebrows and a strip of adhesive tape.It sounds crazy, but it helps.
▪ Use a cream with retinol, it strengthens and smoothes the skin.
▪ And in general, watch your facial expressions.

6. Teasing nose, even when he is not itching.

All your "pathetic" gestures to anything, except for redness, pollution, pimples and stretching of the skin, not lead.Unlearning them hard.Try to do something restless hands.

7. Constantly rubbing his eyes.

If you are not confused dark circles, wrinkles and stretched the skin under the eyes - keep up the good work.If that prospect does not suit you, then here are some tips:

▪ Apply mascara on the lashes, and under the eye corrector.This will stop you from desire rubbed his eyes.
▪ Consult with a dermatologist about the tools and strengthen lightens the skin, making circles under the eyes less noticeable.
▪ Use a mask for the skin around the eyes.It is prophylactic against premature wrinkles.

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