Bridal make-up for brown eyes: step by step guide

for any girl exciting and very important day, when she walks down the aisle, so she carefully chooses for himself outfit, hairstyle and wedding makeup.For brown eyes pick up a festive make-up there is no trouble, because holders of such eye color already have a bright appearance, which should only emphasize using cosmetics.

Wedding trivia

In fact, when the bride begins to prepare for the wedding, she tries not to lose sight of any of fines.On this day, she wants to play the role of a princess, so everything should look like a fairy tale.Wedding dress up and make-up, hairstyle and manicure, shoes and gloves - everything has to be chosen in harmony with the environment and the style of the holiday.However, now is a triumph of views on all the different, and someone wants to go down the aisle without a special "uproar" in your favorite jeans.Young can not worry about what are the customs and traditions of a loaf, bride, etc., because they all planned to go to the registry office, put a stamp and fly on honeymoon.But while she is still worried about what to do wedding makeup for brown eyes, because she also wants to be the most beautiful for her beloved.A well-chosen colors, well done to tone blush and perfectly underlined seductive lips of the bride - that is the key to successful image.

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In the event that will be held magnificent feasts and loud holiday, it is important to take into account all the details, including the flowers that will decorate the wedding, not to mention the jewelry a bride and her hairstyle.

prepare in advance

hardly expect that on your wedding day you just take, make-up and all.It would be much better if you have to think of ways and experiment with fashion.Many girls carefully choose among the many options and know beforehand what will be the hairstyle, make-up.At home to perform such procedures are usually entrusted to specialists who can come for a few days before the holiday, and try to model-fiancee different options.In addition, you can take some photos, and then objectively assess whether the result obtained corresponds to your expectations, and you can see their mistakes better.


beauty Many people mistakenly believe that the preparation of the skin to make-up is to apply the basics, but it is fundamentally wrong.To the day of the wedding your skin is simply shone, you must take care of it at least one week before the appointed day "X" a series of activities to care for your skin.And this applies not only to individuals but also to hand (they will also be the object of attention, because on the ring finger of the engagement ring will show off), and décolleté.Generally in such an exciting for the bride the day she almost always will be under the scrutiny of hundreds of eyes and camera lenses and cameras, well, the main thing - it will always look loving eyes of the groom, so it is important to make sure to look perfect.So, the beauty of the skin is not only skillfully executed make-up, but also to be sufficiently hydrated and purified.Clean the face, deep peeling, but not for two or three days before the wedding, and in a week to have time to get away from the skin redness and irritation that sometimes appear after such procedures.Do not experiment with the choice of means of skin care, no matter how tempting and expensive nor has the products you want to use, there is always the risk of individual intolerance of components of the cream or even allergies.

Step wedding makeup

So when you have decided on the color palette and the means that will be used for your ceremonial make-up, you can proceed.To do this, let's learn how to perform the wedding make-up step by step, which will help us create the perfect image of the bride.The first step is to moisturize the face and then wait until the cream is well absorbed, begin to apply the chosen foundation.On this day make-up girl should ever be persistent, so bravely gets tools that safely hide imperfections on the skin.You can also use corrective pencil to disguise dark circles and redness on the face.

Tip: If the bride updo or a deep neckline, apply foundation on the ears, neck and chest, so that there was no significant difference between the color of the face and the rest of the body.

Fascinating look

Now, when the foundation applied to the face, you need to skillfully perform wedding makeup for brown eyes.Keep in mind that enhance the beauty of the eye to help smooth transitions from one shade to another.Completely inappropriate are sharp contrasts and clear lines.The only line that will be harmonious look in makeup brown-eyed girls is accurate shooter.That is why the different colors and eyeliner eyeliners should be at hand.On the upper and lower eyelid correction should be applied concealer, a good shade it, and then a little powder to make the bride was more resistant and lasted until the end of the holiday in its original form.

Choose colors

most suitable color shades for brown eyes - a dark blue shades, purple, deep gold, plum, bronze.Do not pay attention to the brown color that will make your eyes a little monotonous and boring.Remember that you need to make a smooth transition from one shade to another, so use, for example, the following combination: the inner corner of the eye, apply the color blue, in the middle of the upper eyelid, add blue and corner in the form of vertically rotated ticks do in the deepshades of blue.Eyeliner silver in handy in such a case, it will visually enlarge the eyes and add to your image of extravagance.The line from the liner must be smooth and neat, slightly narrowed at the beginning and looking slightly upward at the outer corner of the eye.So you get a blue wedding makeup.Brown eyes (photo in the article - a great example) very nice on the face and beckon with its mystery.

Tip: top made eye makeup, apply a small amount of colorless spangles, however, do not allow excesses and large sequins, because then on memorable wedding photos may appear glare.

special complexity choice mascara is no different, almost always it will be black, but when the blond-haired girl, it is better to use brown or blue.Mascara should be applied in two layers, and the pre-twist eyelashes - all this will make the look more expressive, and lashes thick and fluffy.

slight blush

Do not overdo it with the application of blush for brown-eyed bride.On this day, the bride's face, and it will be covered by a slight blush during the day, but given the density of the tonal resources, is still a bit to emphasize the cheekbones.Select is a pinkish-beige tones.

Seductive lips

Wedding Makeup for brown eyes is almost ready, but were not painted lips.Given that the focus was still on the eyes, the lips should simply emphasize the charming look of the bride.The ideal option would be peach tones.Pink and coral-colored lipstick, which can be applied on top of the center of the lips a little shine.Professionals recommend using resistant lipstick and compulsory application of contour pencil, which should not be different from the primary color of the lips more than one tone.

It remains to wish you to be the most beautiful and happy bride in the world.