How to buy and how to sell the car in the "Sampo"

Multiplayer "GTA: San Andreas," which is abbreviated as "Sampo" ("San Andreas Multiplayer"), is extremely popular everywhere.The fact is that in this game you get the chance to win back your chosen role in the full city living.There will always be the same as you, gamers, who will also seek to achieve their goals.Naturally, all this very seriously monitored - there is an impressive set of rules that must be followed.This was intently watching the administration, so that disturbances are practically no, and you can enjoy your second life, passing in the virtual world of San Andreas.As you know, in all the games in the series "GTA" machines were of great importance - of course, in the "Sampo" this approach remains valid, but here everything is a little more difficult - you have to think about how to sell the car in the "Sampo" as itbuy, how to make it more profitable.

differences from the standard "GTA"

As everyone is well aware, in the games of the series "GTA" machines are a kind of consumable.You can walk down the street and see which you like the car, the driver let go of her and go about their business.The "Sampo" all very different, as there is over the game rules as close to reality, so that the similar trick you can be arrested immediately.So you have to think about how beneficial to buy or sell the car in the "Sampo", because there is an art.Actually, as in life - you can buy cars from the state at a standard price, and can locate any user that you want to give up a certain amount, or buy you something in return.In general, the machines here, things are much more complicated than the single version.Therefore, more detail will be discussed, how to buy and how to sell the car in the "Sampo".

Buying a car

The first thing you need to know - is that all the actions in the game are made by means of special console commands.How to buy, how to trade, how to sell a car at the "Sampo"?For all this you will only need to enter the required combination in a row, and you get what they want the car or get rid of boring.So, what should I do to buy a car, so to speak, from the manufacturer, that is directly from the state, without resorting to other players?For this you need to find a parking space, which contains the machine has not yet been acquired by other players, choose the one that you like, and assign the command line "buycar" - your account will be written off the value of the car, and you are free to use it.Do not forget that you need to know how to shut down the machine in the "Sampo", because if you leave it unattended, it can be easy to steal, and you can hardly find a thief.

selling car

Now you know how to buy a car, as well as how close the car in the "Sampo" of the castle that nobody stole.But you can sell your car and returned it to the parking lot - this action again, does not require the participation of other players, as you sell your car to the state.To perform the necessary steps to register you should click "sellcar", then your account will be credited to the appropriate funds, and you lose access to your car.As you can see, the problem is solved very simply and without any problems.But at the same time you make a transaction exclusively with the state, and how to make the machine in the "Sampo" much more profitable activity?To do this, you have to turn to other players.

Purchase / sale of cars with gamers

Of course, you can deal with all of your computer - so it will be safe and secure.However, you also play the multiplayer servers, not for this!So you can try to buy and sell cars from living people - is much more interesting, and such an approach can even make money if the right to do business.But now we are talking about the technical component, so you should learn how to put the car in the "Sampo" for sale.To do this, you need to find a buyer and offer him a deal, agree on the terms - and even then you can use the "change car", after which you need to specify the ID number of the player you are going to sell my car, and after that, the amount for which youagreed.The player must agree, and your car will be his property and his money will be credited to your account.Now you know how to install the machine in the "Sampo" as the subject of the transaction and to get for this money.In fact, if you intend to sell and buy cars, the principle is the same - look for the seller agree on a price and wait until it activates vysheoboznachennyh team.

changes in price

There are situations when you decide at the last minute to abandon the deal, or notice that the price is incorrectly entered.In this case there is a command "cchange", which will allow you to make changes to the query that you sent to the player.Of course, he can refuse, but that is the object of your further agreement - the team should always remember, and time use.

car maintenance

Do not think that buying a car - that's all you have to.It still needs to provide gasoline, occasionally repaired, and especially hardcore servers you may be forced to pass inspection.But you get the opportunity to move freely and even earnings, for example, as a taxi driver.