What is the server and what its function

for novice computer users, and not just any important information relating to its functions and terms.It is necessary to navigate the vast world of the Internet and use all the possibilities of modern technology.When you work with a computer is often used server.So let's talk a little bit about what a server is and what function it performs.

to start dry terminology.The server is a separate computer that is capable of handling very large flow of information and constantly carry out certain tasks.It is distinguished by its functionality.

server can provide access and control a particular group of people (for example, employees of the company) to the Internet.Handling e-mail, it is also one of the functions of the server.

When you connect to the Internet and access to certain address is constantly referred to the server.It provides access to the Internet, namely to certain pages of any user.This is the answer to the question, what is a web server.Simply put, it is our guide on the Web.It is he who provides the link of computer users around the world with an infinite number of sites on the Internet.It was thanks to him that you're reading this.

So what is a web server, we have understood.Let us talk a little about the other species.

Server, which provides for the collection, storage and processing of video and video games, is known as a video server.Like any other similar, it is installed on a computer that should have a large memory and high performance.

We often look for the information you need on the World Wide Web.This is only possible with the help of search engines that perform this function.

process incoming e-mail helps us a mail server.It provides services that are a response to the sent electronic requests.

browsing the Internet server provides WWW.The three English letters familiar to all users of the web, as the beginning of an Internet address.

When we make a request to the database, it connects to the server.It processes the information and find the right solution.You've probably already figured out for themselves what is a server?But transfer is not yet complete.The computer has a great potential and a major role in this is played by the main laptop.

All information must be protected to restrict access to sensitive data.This function is performed by the security server.

application server helps support functions.For example, in the formulation of the problem selects the necessary information in different databases.

If you need access to a mass of information, connects to the remote access server.I met him everyone who is connected to the Internet.

Finally, a file server, which is engaged in the storage, retrieval and distribution of data to a specific group of users.

From this review it is clear that such a server.It is almost an indispensable mediator in the organization of the work or on the Internet or among a certain group of people.

When working on a computer and the Internet are involved multiple servers.Communication takes place by means of one of them.It, in turn, may communicate with several other servers to provide the desired information or perform tasks.All data provided on the basis of certain standards of the Internet.

Working with the Web server using a browser.All the processes that run the server, called clients.

I think we understand a little about what the server.The main thing is that without him can not work on the Internet.Server services are not visible, but necessary.

What is a server?It is the main participant in almost all the processes occurring in the world of computers.