How to disassemble the laptop HP?

In use, portable electronics is often a problem - the dust accumulated inside the body.The microscopic dirt particles pass through the vents of the notebook.The cooling system is no longer fully operational, thus exposing the internal components of the computer overheating.As a rule, in such moments, the user raises the question of how to disassemble the laptop HP.Quite often there is a time not in our favor, and the workshop is not always around the corner.Attention and accuracy - that's all you need in order to return to your "email a friend" lost the ability to effectively clean and cool.

Workplace and tools

smooth surface and stable table legs - 25% of success conceived enterprise.Special Phillips and flat screwdriver - it is 25%.The remaining 50% of you already know, which is the main component of the excellent work performed.And do not forget the folk wisdom of "look before you leap ...".

How to disassemble the laptop HP: step by step instructions

First, you need to disconnect the electronic device and remove the battery from the laptop.Eliminate any chance of damage to the integrity of the lacquer coating the top of the body (covers).As liner you can use any thick cloth-slip texture.Make a schematic drawing of the back of your laptop.Subsequently removed screws should be placed according to their pick-up locations.This will greatly facilitate correct assembly devaysa at the end of preventive action.How to disassemble the laptop HP, it will become clear in just a few minutes.

Step №1: Dismantling of external components

The back panel has a special compartment for easy access to the RAM, different network modules and the hard drive of your computer.Protective covers can be easily removed if unscrew the fixing screws.Sometimes it is only a slight easing tightening bolts.The above-mentioned components is required to dismantle.Of course, keeping all the same golden rules' accuracy and attention. "The optical drive is also to be removed.Incidentally, the reader is mounted with just one screw, which is usually located in the middle of the end portion of the recording and reading information.

Important information

The recommendations are relevant in deciding on how to disassemble the laptop HP Pavilion G6.Since the principle of removing the body for most of the modification HP in general is identical and has no significant difference.The only exception is the removal of the keyboard unit, as the location of the fixing bolts and latches, many models are strictly personal.This "impermanence developers" can cost you a broken shell.However, everything is predictable, it is necessary to conduct a thorough examination of the laptop and examine more closely.

Step №2: free design of fixing

next stage of practical solutions as to disassemble the laptop HP, will be the "total" vykrutka all fastening screws, which are located on the back of the device.Svinchivaya bolts, do not forget to pack them in the original scheme of arrangement, as regulated by the length of their body design features.After completing the operation ", remove all the screws," make sure that all of them are really dismantled.So how often some of the bolts and remain intact.Solely for this reason, the user applies excessive force and tend to break or deform the body parts of the laptop.

Step №3: detachable keyboard module

When removing such a sensitive part should be very carefully pry (using a flat screwdriver) upper right corner of the keypad.Then, shifting to the left, to hook moves to release the locking element locks the remaining constraints.The question of how to disassemble the laptop HP Compaq Presario CQ57, may be radically different (from other series of identical model) is a direct time withdraw keyboard module.The secret of successful removal of the unit keys is simple:

  • Make sure that the front panel push-button controls are not divided into two independent parts.In the case where monolithic housing element, to apply the above method of material removal.Otherwise, you must first remove the top deck panels "undermining" the plastic above the sides.
  • On newer HP models applied adhesive tape clamp and the perimeter keyboard metal latches.
  • At the time of release of the keyboard, be extremely careful, because impulsive and careless movement can have dire consequences - the damaged cables and adapters (often breaks), which is the link between the module and the key motherboard devices.

Perhaps some people want to know how to disassemble the laptop HP G62?It's simple, apply the material in this article, and remember: in orderly disassembly - above all!

Step №4: Turning off the internal connectors and unscrew the remaining fastening screws

Under keypad module that has been removed you are connecting cables.As a rule, their 2-3 pcs.Disconnect the device from the motherboard.

  • two loop connecting the touchpad.
  • Power connector USB.

Once you have made all of the above steps, the top cover of the laptop can be removed.As you can see, the question of how to disassemble the laptop HP Pavilion G6, in fact, allow elementary and independently.However, in order to thoroughly clean the inside of devaysa from dust contamination, you must remove the main part of the electronic machines ...

Step №5: Removing the motherboard

  • unscrew the locking screw is required.
  • Disconnect all cables and pin connectors.

Now the system board can be freely extracted from the "bowels" of contaminated laptop.In the case where the "something" does not start, do not use physical force!Maybe somewhere to stay uncurled screw.

Step №6: Direct cleaning process

Only now you, dear user can freely penetrate all places the device in order to complete the preventive work.A practical solution is to disassemble the laptop HP Pavilion G6 for cleaning, can be considered fully described.However, a few guidelines to help you remove the most qualitative accumulation of dust by means of efficient use of funds.

  • household vacuum cleaner - an indispensable tool in a situation where it is necessary "sensitive" and at the same time, high-quality treatment.
  • remote places can be free from dust using a normal household brush.
  • Do not shake or deform liberated from the body parts.
  • not use any sort was liquid.
  • Check the cleaned surface.Perhaps in the grooves or crevices were the bristles of the brush bristles by rubbing material or other foreign elements.

In conclusion, a few words or future

order for the cooling system is not experiencing "stress", try not to use a laptop in a dusty place.When installation, try to reverse all set properly, and replace the dust catchers.Conventional porous sponge is perfect for this.Now, even the question of how to disassemble the laptop Compaq, for you will seem trifling.Since the dismantling of the principle known to you, and his versatility is now for you - an indisputable fact.Be careful and successfully acquired the experience to you!