1147 - what is the century for the development of Moscow?

in the "Pantheon of Russian princes" contains information about what the first tribes in the territory of modern Moscow mastered these lands back in the 880th year.Many scientists are asking: 1147 - What is the age for the formation of the Russian state?Moskva river in those days was called the beautiful and sonorous name - Samorodinka, and on its banks Russian Prince Oleg erected a small town Neglinny.What happened later with this small principality, it is unknown, but since then rusichi not leave these lands.

Yuri Dolgoruky - founder of the capital

Prince Yuri Dolgoruky in his conversation with Sviatoslav II of Kiev, Chernigov lord of the land, inviting him to visit the Moscow at the beginning of April 1147.The ancient chronicles preserved description of this dialogue, so George is considered to be the founder of Moscow.1147 - what is the century in terms of communication between the neighboring kingdoms?Although in those days the city looked like a small settlement consisting of several adjacent communities: Sushevo, Kulishki, Vysotsky, Kudrin Simonov Vorobyov.The prince himself lived in the house of Stepan piles, on the site of which is now Chistye Prudy, and where stands the Kremlin tower, at the time was impassable, dense covert.Initially, the site of the great city stretched along the horizon Kuchkovo vast field, where is rich manor Boyar piles, but he fell out of favor, and the head of the family along with the rest of the family were executed.

history of becoming great city

It was built Moscow sluggish and slow, and only in the early 13th century, when the city became the ruler of Daniel, the son of Alexander Nevsky, appear princely table and coat of arms with the image of St. George.Princes diligently paid tribute to a new family tradition: boys, appearing in the family, trying to give the name of Yuri, in honor of his distinguished ancestor.

Moscow under Ivan Kalita

1147 - which is the age for the formation of the future capital of Russia?His first prosperity and power of Moscow reaches only to 1319, when its rules of Ivan Kalita.Where necessary, his strength of character passed into cruelty, and economic, greed and penchant for long reflections allow the prince to transform the city into a political and economic center, which address important issues of the state.Now Moscow is not inferior to either Vladimir or Kiev.

And nothing: but Batu Khan in 1338 brought the fires and devastation, and the city has become unrecognizable to horror.The Russian people have always been able to bravely go even of the most desperate situations, and later Moscow became the capital of the Russian state, the focus of its cultural patrimony and military power.The city's history has always been shrouded in riddles, speculation and mystery, but scientists have to prove that its origin majestic city got it when Yuri Dolgoruky.1147 - A Century of our capital base as well as the beginning of the unification of the peoples of many people in a united and invincible empire.