Consul - a significant position in the field of international relations

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Consul - it's official, appointed by the Government with the consent of the other state.The consul protects the interests and rights of those who are in a different country nationals of their country.This position differs from the diplomatic agents, since protecting socio-economic interests.

little history

consular post was first introduced in the first century BC.During the rapid proliferation of the empire, endless wars Power needed new public office, simplifying the overall management of the country.

Consul in Rome - this is one of the highest collegiate positions.There were just two, and they were elected for a term of one year.Board established two consuls after the expulsion of Tarquinius Superbus.First elected consuls only patricians, but after a struggle between the plebeians and the latter also received the right to be elected.

Rights and duties of consuls in ancient Rome

Rome Consul - a man who had the highest military and civil authority.They could recruit legions and lead them to convene the comitia and the Senate, presiding over there, to appoint dictators and conduct auspices.Initially, the consuls had the right to conduct all trials, and then it was transferred to Pretoria.

consuls were assistants (Quaestors) and insignia: purple toga with a broad rim, an armchair, decorated with ivory, the constant support of 12 lictors.At the end of the term of the Consulate they received the title of proconsul and the province to private management.Subsequently, the consuls lost its main power and position turned into an honorary title, but instead began to appoint election.

In modern times consul of Rome - it's official, appointed a permanent representative in the region or city in another country in order to protect the legal and economic interests of not only their country but also their subjects.The main direction of the consulate - the issuance of visas and taking care of citizens in the territories under their states.The basic functions performed by the consul of Rome, the same as those that operate on the same positions as in Russia.

Responsibilities Russian consul

Consul - a public office, therefore implies certain obligations imposed by the state on an official:

  • control foreign ships visiting Russian harbors;
  • Consul shall take all measures necessary to ensure that citizens residing in another country, are able to enjoy all the rights in full compliance with international treaties and customs;
  • to take measures to restore the violated rights of Russian citizens and legal entities;
  • carry out orders of courts of the Russian Federation in respect of Russian citizens;
  • ensure that, in respect of citizens of the Russian Federation complied with all the laws and the treaties concluded with the State in which they reside;
  • on his own initiative, he is obliged to visit those who are in prison, and to monitor their conditions of detention;
  • accept petitions from citizens of the Russian Federation of changes, corrections, additions and restoration of records that have been lost, and the change of name, to send them to the ad hoc bodies;
  • record acts of birth or death;
  • legalize the documents that make up the consular district;
  • take all measures to rescue the citizens of their country, if their life or property is in danger of any kind.


Consul Consul - a person representing the state and having at his service certain rights:

  • he may request the presence of the captains of the ships with the presentation of a report on the voyage, and the route of the vessel;
  • attend such court at any time convenient to him;
  • facilitate entry of the vessel into the port, stay in and exit;
  • clarify the circumstances of the incident that happened on the ship and interrogate members of the crew;
  • to facilitate the resolution of disputes;
  • to issue a temporary certificate, if the vessel was purchased abroad;
  • make, receive and certify the documents in respect of vessels of the Russian Federation;
  • send Russian citizens, cargo and mail in the Russian courts;
  • detain the ship at the exit to the sea, if there is an urgent need;
  • take the captain allegations of damage or loss of the vessel or the alleged damage;
  • when sick crew member to assist for his return to Russia if Russian citizen is being treated in that State, then follow the progress of the recovery and ensure the further sending in Russia, and in the event of the death to send the body, personal belongings and documentsRussian Federation.

Legalization Consular legalization implies the establishment and authentication of the mandatory set of signatures on documents and acts and monitor compliance with all laws of the host country.Legalize such documents directly with Russian Consul, take them to the only at consular legalization, if an international treaty of the Russian Federation or the law provides otherwise.

Lawyer consul

Lawyer consul - is an employee of the state, ensuring compliance with its legislation.It must have a law degree and possess the relevant knowledge about all the changes in the law.He participates in the development of the necessary legal documents and preparing legal opinions, considering matters of corporate law, monitors compliance with the law, was preparing contracts and legal documents, as well as consulting on legal issues.It protects the rights of citizens in another country, investigates complaints and provides full legal support.