Flying Dog.

Krylgan or, as it is called, fly the dog - mammals of the order bat.Sometimes they are also called flying foxes.All members of this group of bats, unlike bats inhabit only the warm regions: South and West Africa, Australia, South Asia and its islands and Oceania (in particular, the Caroline Islands and Samoa).Volatile dogs live in the Maldives, Syria, southern Japan and southern Iran.In Russia, this type of animal is completely absent.

Who are these unusual animals?

Even the mention of bats have many causes negative emotions.Many years they were considered vampires assistants devil, or just filthy animals.These little animals are unlikely to cause a strong aversion.Moreover, many of their fans believe that flying dog can be a great pet.

Faces fruit bats are much like a dog or a fox.The structure of their skulls in a way similar to the structure of the skull of the lower primates.The largest specimens have a wingspan of 150-170 cm in size. They are used like a blanket in the cold, in the heat is used as a fan.Dimensions of various species are substantially different length ranges from 5 to 40 centimeters.Weight, respectively, ranges from 15 to 900 grams.Flying dog has teeth that are adapted only to plant foods.Language from fruit bat covered with papillae, while the smallest representatives of this species and it is still very long.Fruit bats have well-developed sense of smell and sight.Color at the flying fox is usually dark brown, but there are individuals with a greenish, yellowish white or white patches on the wings.Males have a bright color, and females - and smaller size, and color is much more modest.

Features kind

Flying Dog has one interesting feature - it does not have a tail.Some other species it is, but quite small.Only one representative of fruit bats has a luxurious tail, for which it was called long-tailed fruit bats.At the flying foxes also quite unusual foot: a tenacious and long claw and last phalanx is only available on the first and much less - on the second finger.Interfemoral membrane in many species is underdeveloped.The intestines have a flying dog 4 times longer than its body.

animals is well developed sense of smell, but only some of them use echolocation (in particular, gender rouzetusov) in order to orient themselves in space.The sounds that emit fruit bats, also very original.Rouzetusy, for example, serves the voice that is similar to ticks during takeoff and landing.

Types of flying dogs

fruit bats are divided into many species.For example, the Egyptian fruit bat.Despite its name, this species is distributed not only in Egypt, but almost all over the African continent, as well as in Pakistan, the Middle East, northern India.With its cute appearance this kind some people prefer to keep as pets.This is due to the fact that they have no odor and are easily trained.In addition to the Egyptian fruit bat, there is Comorian, golospinnaya, Cebidae, Madagascar, Ugandan flying dog.


activity in animals is observed only with the coming of night.During the day they hang on the branches of trees, which are like a bundle of dry leaves or strange tropical fruit.They can also relax in caves, rock crevices, attics and hollows.However, it should be noted that fruit bats are showing daily activity.In hibernation flying foxes do not fall.Per night fruit bats can travel a distance of 100 km.

Flying Dog (bat or fox) - a social animal.They live mostly columns that sometimes reach 1000 individuals.Another noted that at feeding time they expose, and in general in the pack made to protect and help each other.Palm fruit bats form a group of 10,000 or more individuals who can settle even in large cities.


gives female offspring only once a year, producing light, as a rule, one baby (rarely two).Pregnancy lasts on average about 115-120 days.At birth the female does not change their traditions and hanging upside down, and closes its wings, forming something like a cradle.At first, the newborn falls to the wings, and then crawl to the mother's chest, clinging to the nipple.

Children are born sighted and covered with hair.Until such time as the baby learns to fly his mother is with him.Breast milk ends around after reaching a 3-month toddler age.Grown individuals poisoned with her mother on the hunt.To cub is not lost, the female gives him the signal by means of ultrasound.Fruit bats reach sexual maturity at about 9 months.


Flying dog eats such tropical fruits like mango, avocado, coconut, banana, guava, papaya and others.The fruits they rip on the fly or hanging side by side on one leg.They eat away the flesh or drinking the juice.Small fruit bats feed on pollen and nectar of flowers.Procellariiform volatile dogs, in addition to fruit and eat more insects.Animals also drink water, sometimes even sea.Thus, they are likely to compensate for the lack of salt in food consumption.


Data on life expectancy of animals rather meager.According to some sources it is believed that in the wild, they can live for about 7-8 years.In captivity, they tend to live up to 17-20 years, but there is a record breaker, which has already exceeded 25 years.

value for human

Some tribes eat meat flying fox for food.Fruit bats greatly help to spread seeds, and nektaroyadnye species are able to pollinate the plants.Examples of such plants can be kigelia and baobab.However, despite the significant benefit of flying foxes are often harmful to horticultural plantations of trees.

Human activity leads to a gradual reduction of the population of flying dogs.Fewer and fewer seats flying foxes have left for an afternoon nap.Many countries are concerned about this situation, and therefore carried out a variety of activities for the conservation of this species.